Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Well, I'm back.
A lot has happened since I came back to Texas.
The saying " love is blind" and "there's no fool like an old fool" certainly would pertain to me.
Had i not been so open and honest since I started my blog I would not be able to write with the candor that I will be now.
I appreciate the support of my " special " friends and of course my son now more than ever.
I need your prayers fervently.
I, as of yesterday, have entered a shelter for battered women and families.
Yes, it came down to this.
I was being abused by the " one I loved " since I came back.
It started subtle and escalated.
It became very violent.
I became every bit the stastistic.
I know now it was all classic.
I could not tell the one family member whom I was in contact with because he was unable to help me and another that I contacted very close to where I lived when I was able to escape for a few minutes one day " did not want to get involved".
I had to plan my escape. I went to the clinic Friday and was sent by ambulance to to ER
and it was decided then that I would come to the shelter. For safety and confidentiality concerns I can't divulge what went wrong but I had to return back to what I left.
I went to a mental health clinic Monday and they got me here.
I have gone through all the classic stuff that one could experience.
I am embarrased that " I " would end up in this situation.
I also know there is a God who loves me and has seen me through all the ordeals of my life.
I know without a shadow of doubt He will sustain me through this ordeal and what lies ahead.
I will stay as posted as I am able and update everyone on my process.
It will be interesting because I have no meds available to me and because its the holidays access to them right now is slim to none.
The mental health system in this county is poor without some kind of insurance, even if its public assistance.
So, I will be srarting the paperwork to begin that process.
I hope you all have a terrific holiday.
I will look forward to hearing from all of you again.
Until next time.