Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just a bit of this and that

I just wanted to update on some of the goings on with me lately.

I received the neatest thing in the mail a couple days ago; a book Keisha's class had done from A-Z.
Each child apparently was given a letter and from it made a subject and wrote a paragraph about it.Keisha's was ironically "K" and her subject was kindness which was fitting for her,I think.
There was artwork accompanied with each page and I'm assuming each child did their own.
It really was an amazing piece of work collaberated on by the students and Mrs. Sansone, her teacher.

We are still in the settling in stage here.
Boxes are still in the garage that need to be unpacked but I've learned we are doing this on Bob's time which is slow time (as in procrastination).
It making it hard to determine exacxtly the best place for some things because every few days a box comes in and its like"oh yeah, I forgot about this".Or I know we used to have something but can't find it.

I haven't been well at all since moving.I guess the strain of the past year has caught up with me.I am in the process now of finding medical treatment that will take not only Medicare but Medi-Cal as well.

My yard is all abloom with lots of flowers I don't know the names.But it sure is pretty.
I can look from the front yard over to the mountains and its been interesting to watch the hills change almost daily as we went from the wet weather of winter right into summer, or so it seems.

The trees are budded out ready to sprout new leaves.The birds are around but not as many as i had hoped.Interestingly enough, they won't touch the feeder I brought from Pittsburg.I haven't figured that out yet.There are two others in the yard and they will feast from those but not the "foreign" one.
We have at least two quail families I've identified living under some bushes.they are fascinating to watch as they scurry from place to place.
Last evening Bob and I were out back and we noticed the one pair.They must have seen us and think we may be predators because they stopped dead in their tracks as they were when they noticed us.We stayed out there for about 15 minutes and they did not budge.

A couple days ago i was on the side of the house facing the neighbors house across the street when two deer came up the street and walked right into the neighbors yard.I think thats the closest I've ever been to live deer.They stopped to observe me as I observed them for about 5 minutes.Maybe they were thinking they never saw me before!

I counted the other evening there are 18 windows I have to open and close every day!That isn't counting the stationary ones throughout the house.

I have been reading articles on Oroville history.This particular area is steeped in California history.
There was an Indian they named Ishi who wondered out of the hills in the early part of last century.He was named Ishi because he was such a novelty at the sherrif's office where he was kept until they figured out what to do with him people would wander in and say "is he still here"? So he was given the name-Ishi(is he).
The accounts I read say he laughed all the time but didn't know a word of the language.H was alsways happy to see people .

This was the area of California where gold was discovered and mined.That is why the city has the name "Oroville"; I have been told there are still prospectors who come down out of the hills occasionally.

This area was where some of the relief effort for the city of San Fransisco came during the earthquake 100 years ago.

There is more I am learning about this area and all of it is fascinating.

For now, thats it but more coming later.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Genetics may be factor in chronic fatigue syndrome

Hi there, everyone! It's Dan, Margie's son, reporting in. I was just the browsing Google News page and saw some information that I think would be relevant to readers here. It comes from the China View online website:

WASHINGTON, April 20 (Xinhua) -- Human genetics may play a role in the development of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a disorder hard to diagnose and poorly understood, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Thursday.

Researchers based the findings on a study of 227 CFS patients who went through detailed clinical evaluation and blood and urine testing for two days. They assessed the participants' genetics and the activity level of 20,000 genes.

Dr. William C. Reeves, head of CDC's chronic fatigue syndrome research, said the gene patterns seen in the patients "are related to their body's ability to adapt to challenges and stresses that occur throughout life, such as infections, injury, trauma or adverse events."

CDC chief Julie Gerberding said the findings are "the first credible evidence of a biological basis for chronic fatigue syndrome."

CFS was first identified in the 1980's. Many people including some health professionals have regarded it as a condition rather mental than physical.

Researchers said the study results could help find better ways to diagnose and treat the condition, which is characterized by unexplained symptoms including fatigue, problems with sleeping, memory and concentration, and often pain.

The new findings are published in this month's issue of medical journal Pharmacogenomics.
Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

San Fransisco Quake Centennial

I could not let this pass without commerating the San Fransisco Quake that devasted the City 100 years ago this morning.

This was our country's worst natural disaster before last summer's Hurricane Katrina.
I have visited the City only a couple times since I have lived in California and only seen a bit of what it has to offer.
What I have seen I can see why this City is beloved by so many natives and non-natives alike.
It is a City like no other.It is pretentiuous yet stately.It is grand yet simplistic.It is artsy yet subdued.It is a place where anyone can be anyone and be accepted.
The architecture from decades and now centuries old to some of the most modern within blocks of each other is magnificent.
Within blocks there is every culture and the most depressed of America's people to the most wealthy.
The gardens and the craziness of Lombard Street to the serenity of looking out at the water can bring something to the spirit that would be hard to find somewhere else.

This is the City my generation flocked to in its youth to make their statement on the world.Nearby are two of the most renowed learning institutions in the country and maybe the world, UC Berkeley and Stanford University.
The technological age happened right here in The City's back yard.
One of the country's best mass transportation marvels is here in the Bay area;otherwise known as BART(Bay Area Regional Transit).
This area boasts two major league baseball teams and two football teams.
Every conceiveable entertainment genre is possible to be experienced here.

The mountains, the Bay and nearby Pacific Ocean, the fog, the hills and all the people bustling about are part of this City's charm.

I can't help but think today about all the people along the Gulf Coast and how disheartened they may still be wondering if their lives will resume with any normalcy.
Look to this grand City by the Bay as your hope.
100 years ago the wires were reporting its demise.For 4 long days demolition was purposely destroying much of what wasn't damaged by Mother Nature.The seismic aftershocks were felt 12 minutes later in Japan and felt as far as Oregon, Los Angeles, and Reno.

The people of this City camped out in parks and began the process of rebuilding their lives and the legacy they left behind is this wonderful place so many call home and others will flock to see and experience.

The Big Easy will return someday probably different than it was;the Mississippi and Texas coast will rebuild. It may be years before we see the spirit back into these towns but it will return.It may be a different place than what was remembered but it can also be a better place.Look to San Fransisco as your hope.

100 years ago at 5:12 AM no one thought there was much hope.There was terror and chaos.
Now, look at what was rebuilt in its place.
It truly is a City that will steal your heart.

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Friday, April 14, 2006