Wednesday, February 25, 2004

When You Need To Leave

Get professional advice. Develop a safety plan. Put some aside and a phone card and clothing and a set of car keys away from the house in a safe place.
Know that you are in most danger at the time you leave. That is why you should not go to a relative or friend's home. You are safest in a shelter. That is where you are protected and there are resources available that may not be available to you on your own.
Utilize them. Utilize this time to take care of you. It is not selfish; it is self-preserving. I had to learn this lesson. I am still learning it.
I will update as I can. Keep me in your prayers.
Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

Here is a group of elderly, couragous women demanding the right to be heard, respected and compensated by the Japanese goverment still today. We should commend them as its not there culture or in their usual way to do this.
Then there is the female circumcision issue in Africa and other nations and cultures. I, personally, have herd and read of this but to see it depicted wrenched my heart. To hear it described in graphic detail and how it is accepted practice even still today is horryifying.
My heart wrenches for my sisters of that culture.
I applaud all women who are surviving violence committed against them. As one line said in this film " we are the natural resource to populate the planet and we are being killed off." Does anyone care? I think lots of people care. It just takes someone raising awareness.
Next Thursday after seeing the play we are being given the opportunity to get up on stage and speak of our experience. I have made the decision to do this. Pray for me. It won't be easy.
I will be speaking of 51 years of abuse.I will need courage and strenght. I want to do this so I take control back from all my abusers.
I leave here tomorrow a different person than when I came in.
I was suicidal, despodant, desolate, discouraged, friendless, hopeless. I had no spirit left. I was defeated.
This shelter and staff has changed me into someone I have never been.
I know I will hard days out there ahad. This has been a controlled environment.
They gave me the resources and I had to do the work.
I will continue with support groups and counseling as I believe they are invaluable.
Anyone out ther in a domestic violence situation. Plan your escape. Call a hotline.

This may be my last post for a little while.
i am moving on to a new shelter program and won't have easy acces to a cpomputer. Stay in touch with me though.
We saw a video this morning and have been invited next week to our local college to see a play called the " Vagina Monolgues".
For those who may not have ever heard about this it was started in 1996 ( I think it was ) and the out reach is now worlwide to end violence against women across the world.
There was a documentary done recently on Lifetime which was very riveting and funny about issues concerning women and their struggles especially when it comes to violence committed against them.
For instance, a forgotten segment in our American population is the Native American women. There was a segment about a group of elderly Filipino women who were captured during World War 2 and were dubbed the " Comfort Women". Some were as young as 12 years old and forced, otherwised known as raped, by at least 12-20 Japanese soldiers on a daily basis.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

This information is from a poster that hangs in the dining room at the shelter. I think its good information to put out.

Every two minutes another woman is raped. Or sexually abused. Or sexually assualted. In fact, more than 248,000 women,children and men were victims of of these violent crimes last year. If you or someone you know is a victim call the National Sexual Assualt Hotline operated by RAINN. It's free. It's confidential. And a counselor from your local rape treatment center is waiting to help anytime of day.
1-800-656-HOPE National Sexual Assualt Hotline
R Rape
A Abuse&
I Incest
N National
N Network
635-B Pennsylvania Ave.,SE. Washington DC 20003

Last night I found a Fake Ken doll laying on one of the bookcases. He was laying there with his arms streched out and that fake smile smirking at me. I grabbed him up and committed domestic violence on him.
He was the first male figure I have seen since December 22nd.
I did everything physical to him that had ever been done to me over my life. Two of the other women were with me. We were cracking up. We laughed so hard we were rolling on the floor. Kathy was snorting like a pig she was laughing so hard. The other woman was the America's Most Wanted crimal.
No matter what I did he wouldn't get that smirk off his face though.
He did get epilepesy after awhile. His head started bobbing around.
And we discovered that no mattered where you threw him he couldn't fly!
I know this sounds sick but it was theurapeutic.
We put a comment in the suggetion box that they needed to get dollar store Ken dolls for support groups and let the women commit domestic violence on them to release the anger and frustration that has built up. I am sure the counselors will have an idea that this was not healthy but I sure feel better. 51 years of abuse and I finally got to get a lot of out in a constructive way feels good.
And we thought about asking for a blue marker to draw bruises on him but thought that might be going a little too far. So Ken woke up this morning OK.
The staff person had to come out and see what we laughung about so hard.
We called him names to and he took it. He didn't talk back either.
I will try to update as I can and when I leave here I will have Dan be my liason as me being crazymaggiemay the roving reporter through the Houston shelter programs.
Pray for me folks.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Today was the pampering day. A group from the Houston North Junior League came out and volunteered to give us a luncheon and made baskets with some special spiced tea, a homemade neck wrap for when your muscles are aching ( which you know I will appreciate), a jar with homemade bath salts and a candle.
The luncheon was very nice. We were served with real dishes and silverware which was a treat because we usuasalyy have paper plates and plastic forks.
The tables were set festive.
We had a nice salad and and the main course was a rissotto and onion mixture and some kind of a ckicken breast with sour cream and I'm not sure whatever else but it was really good. I think it was rolled in a croissant and baked.
Dessert was a choice of a death by chocolate cake or ceesecake swirled with chocolate.
Hard choice but I chose the cheesecake. I could hardly move by the time I was finished.
One of the ladies was a Mary Kay Manager and she gave us skin care tips and had us do a manicure.
One of the ladies looked so much like my Jennie it was uncanny. I told her so.
She even had the smile and laugh.
It made me miss Dan, Jennie and Keisha.
Mary Kay Company has a foundation that supports breast cancer programs and helps fund 51 battered women shelters across the country.
A fact I recently learned is that every 15 seconds a women is battered somewhere in this country. Every 15 seconds.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That took 15 seconds.
When I heard that it struck me to my core. It was like when I found out my sisters had also been abused.
It was one thing to know I was but quite another to learn so many other women walked the same walk.
It really hurts my heart to know this.
The house deal is going nowhere fst.
Right after I blogged the last time we got the rental application on the apartment up the street.
I really thought this was the place the Lord wanted me to be.
Anyway, on the ap they needed us to be able to prove we made 3X's the income of the rent which we can't do so that door is closed. As far as the other place we'll see. I have further investigation to do. And it may well be there is a place the Lord wants me to be that hasn't been discovered yet.
Not having a car is a huge obstacle.
Kathy used some of her food stamps today and one of the women with a car took her to the store and she cooked a fabulous meal. She made her chicken/spaghetti and she made a huge salad and Texas Toast. She was going to make Mississippi Mud Pie but ran out of time.
One of the other women is going to cook tommorrow. She said sh'll make the pie tommorrow. We just about can't move around here tonight.
They just started letting us have the priveledge of cooking ourselves on the weekend because the help they have on the weekend does such a poor job of cooking. They are like college students.
Last weekend we got DiGiorno Pizza with dough that wasn't done and hot wings that were still frozen. There's your sign!!
I will be leaving this shelter Thursday and going into another shelter program.
I will be put up at a motel that has a kitchenette.
I won't have easy access to a computer though. What I will have when I do get to one is some more interesting stories in the ongoing saga of my shelter experience.
Motel life. Now there should be some interesting blogging.
I may have to call Dan periodically and pass things along and have him update!
Kind of like the old time reporters.
This is crazymaggiemay reporting from somewhere in the greater Houston area......
signing off now

Friday, February 20, 2004

Today and the past couple of days are bad fibromyalgia days. We are going to get rain. I expect within the next 12 hours. I haven't seen a weather forecast; my body forecasts.
There has been a lot of drama again.
I decided I could make a lot of money by scripting a reality TV show or or a sitcom or drama series out of here.
I am serious. I know there is money to be made somehow.
This afternoon one of the women got a call from a friend who had to move hastily from an apartment and apparently left it in amess that the apartment people were going to have her arrested for leaving it dirty. She put in acall to the sheriff dept. about it and was awaiting the call back.
While she was waiting I made a jole that we would see her on America's Most Wanted.
There would be her picture with her her children and her decsription ( she has a distintive disability) driving south on the freeway with a description of the thief who was my roommate( she was at atraffic light yesterday and jumped into this woman's car) carrying Wal-mart and Kroger bags and large bottle of Sprite heading south to unknown destination. Has been known to be roomate of former person practicing witchcraft who wears many pierced earrings and plastic bracelets and size 7 mens's jeans with large pants pockets but thinks they are size 7 Medium because they say " M ".
Last known residence was a battered women's shelter.
If you see this women she is considered to be dangerous and is to be avoided. Call authorities immediately.
We were hysterical.
The police called her back and told her thew only thing that would happen is she wouldn't get her deposit back. Darn, took all the fun out it.
I find the fun in dysfunctional all the time.
Next week will be decision time. I will either be leaving or be staying for 2 more weeks but then my time is up.
Kathy and i found an apartment we like right up the street.
We can come back for groups. It is literally a block up the street. We have no car right now so that is a disadvantage. one of the women took her a couple of mornings ago early to try to find the car I mentioned in an earlier blog but it wasn't where it was supposed to be.
They left out at 6AM and were thinking they might even be shot at. In fact, it was the same America's Most Wanted woman who took her.
That same woman approched us last night with an offer to move about 50 miles south to a 6 bedroom house with a guy she knows as a friend where there is a pool and a jacuzzi, etc. and we could live very cheap and each be able to save for a car.
It seems like one of those things that sounds too good to be true.However, when we had church here Sunday the Lord had a word for me through a woman and He said I needed to walk in my faith and my blessings would be there. So do you see my dilemna?
Is this the blessing or a trick by Satan to lure me away?
When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia I was told I should have water therapy everyday.
Supposedly, the people who have this huge house just want to help we women because of our situation. You hear of these things happening but you also hear of people having nightmaririshish experiences because of these kinds of things too.
I am the oldest of the bunch. Like the Mom and big sister so I feel even more responsible to do the smart thing.
We have the option of going into another shelter program for a month also.
So next week we will decide something.
I talked to my ex-husband last night and found out that my ex-father-in-law is dying. I never much cared for the man yet I am saddened.
It brings up a lot of emotion.
I dearly loved my mother-in-law. She was a terrific woman.
I don't hate my ex and we are friendly and he of course is saddened by this news.
I was in the family for 22 years and 2 of my children are part of the family so I am still connected.
I am in contact with the kids of course.
None of us are fond of the grandfather with good reason.
It just makes me miss the grandmother. She was my mother in my adult life as I lost my own mother at 23years old.
I was the daughter she never had.
I never was back in her house after her funeral. I just couldn't go back. And the distance made it easy to stay away and then finally the divorce. I couldn't imagine pulling up in front of the house and she not coming out front to welcome us or not being in the kitchen telling me how I could help.
She was a strong Christian woman.
I knew I was getting older when once she offered me some clothes and I actually took them because I could see me wearing them and not because I felt like I should not to hurt her feelings !
God rest her soul.
The lady that did the money management group came back last night and gave a talk on organizing.
What a great talk it was. By the way, the book is called, " The Best of Cheapskate Monthly " by Mary Hunt.
She also has a newsletter you can subscibe to. I really reccommend the book. As soon as I get some money ahead Iam going to get the newsletter.
Great advice.
Tommorrow we are having " Pampering Day". I am not sure what they are doing but I am sure it is going to be nice.
I know our 2 case managers are watching the toddlers. This is a riot because one is single and the other just got married at the holidays. They are scared to death!!!!
We are cracking up over this.
They are both so sweet. The staff here is great.
I'll let you all know how the day goes.
We got to open a checking account with a dollar by the way.
I'll let you all know how Saturday goes.
Pray for me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

National FMS - CFS Database Banner

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I've also revised the template so that the posts are "spread out" more on the page, if you happen to use a higher screen resolution.

Now, let's see how this looks...

Friday, February 13, 2004

Tonight is a potpourri of thoughts. I have felt so awful all day. The weather is terrible; it is cold and wet. I ache so bad. Kathy and and I were required to move to a different room the day before yesterday and the beds are horrible.
Today one of the ladies felt so bad for me she went out and bought some Ben-gay and one of those egg-crate mattress thingies. Wasn't that so sweet. i didn't have the money for something like that.
You would have laughed watching me trying to take it out of the package.
Watch the cripple who can hardly move try to get the spongy material away from the plastic!!!!
It will be interesting to see how I can do my chores tonight. We had two exit yesterday so we have extra chores tonight.
Let's see how Christian some of these women REALLY are, huh?!
Kathy says she wants all of us to sing the " loolipop song " from the Munchckins of the Wizard of Oz movie at her funeral amd one of the girls here has perfected it so well. We were rolling laughung watching her do it.

Lasdt night A group came from a Copsmetology College to give us manicure. Badly needed and and greatly appreciated. We have had a bank come and let us open an account with a dollar. And a lady on money management came and gave a talk on time and money money management. She reccommened a book by Mary Hunt I think it was> I have the book in my room . I will check the title and author and get back to you but it is great and sensible advice.
Well, almost tome for house meeting.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I had to stop to do my nightly chores but had some time and wanted to come back to the subject.
Through support groups and counseling I learned I never got what I was supoosed to get from either parent and was abused by both in different ways. It was hard to face and to come to grips with the recognition of all the facts of this; especially from my mother. You have to understand, we were raised that in our house she was revered. She was put on a pedestal.
To have to recognize that I suffered abuse from her all my life while she was alive and and suffered " failure to thrive" at her hands is pretty hard to face. I love her but do not like what she did. I love my father but do not like what he did.
I don't know if I can say I love my brothers. I know I can say I hate what they did.
All those things formed me to make incorrect choices as a young adult.That led me into further abuse.
I suffered some pretty unspeakable abuse at the hands of my first husband. I have remained reluntanct to talk about about it because of the kids. I have kept quiet for for 35 years.
I have protected him by protecting them.
Yet the memories are still there as real as yesterday; just as many of the memories of my childhood.
I've remembered things and events from childhood that I hadn't recalled in all these years until being here.
I was never safe to recall them until being here.
I was never safe to discuss them until being here.
There was one man once in my life for 18 months that I think really loved me and I sent him away. I couldn't believe in it. Nothing good ever really happened to me. How I regret that decision.
Self-fulfilling prophesy I guess.
My parents were so damaging to my self-esteem.
I was raised to believe that the boys were better than we girls.
I was raised to believe that because I was premature I was worthless and costly, One brother told me that I meant that there was going to be more of nothing.
I spent my life trying to make up for my existence.
Until I came here I don't think I ever felt I belonged somewhere except when I had my own place for awhile.
Its kind of pitiful to be 51 and first learning some of these skills.
I don't really primp or care what I wear. I should. I observe other women. I think I am going to but I never get around to it.
I just have never really learned how to do all of that.
And i have gained so much weight over the last few years that I don't even feel good if I would do it.
And when you are beaten down emotionally you don't want someone to notice you.
You want to fade into the background.
I believe a new me is emerging.
The caterpillar will become the butterfly eventually. As it happens in nature it is a struggle. If the struggle doesn't happen the butterefly dies.
It has to do it on its own.

I have thought about the subject matter I have written about since stating to wtite this blog. Being A Bipolar; having chronic pain with arthritis and fibromyalgia; being an incest survivor; living in my Christian faith; living in my home state of Ohio and living with my wonderful son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter
and granddog, Jake; moving back to Texas to be with the one I loved and then to be abused and to chronicle the events of the shelter life and the stastistics I have learned.
I guess the domestic violence issue is the hardest to write about because it is about the ones you love. For me it starts from the ones who gave me life and to whom I should have been able to look upon for help and guidandanceand safety.
I wonder did I do that effectively for my own children since I didn't know what it was for myself.
It scares the hell out of me to think I could have failed them in such a basic way.
It really does. The love I have for them is so overwhelming it makes my heart want to burst. They all just don't know.
I have tried to control my emotions in recent years to allow them to be themselves and not overpower them with my own stuff.
Kids, your Mom does and always will love you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Is your relationship based on power and control?
Physical and sexual assualts, or threats to commit them, are the most apparent forms of domestic violence and sre usually the actions that allow others to become aware of the problem.
However, trgu7lar use of other abusive behaviors by the batterer , when reinforced by one or more acts of physical violence, makeup a larger system of abuse.
Although physical assualts may occur only once or occassionally, they instill threat of future abuse or violent attacks and allow the abuser to take control of the woman's life and circumstances.
The Power and Control Diagram is particularlarly
helpful in understanding the overall pattern of abusive behaviors which are used by a batterer to establish and maintain control over his partner.
Very often, one or more violent incidents are accompanied by an array of these and other types of abuse. They are less easily identified, yet firmly establish a pattern of intimidation and control in the relationship.
The Power and Control Wheel
Making her afraid by using looks, actions and gestures; smashing things;destroying her property;abusing her pet(s);displaying weapons;
-Emotional Abuse-
putting her down; making her feel bad about herself; calling her names; making her think she is crazy; playing mind games;humiliating her;making her feel guilty;
contolling what she does, who she sees and talks to, what she reads and where she goes;limiting her outside involvemement; usiing jealousy to justify actions;
making light of the abuse and not taking her concerns about it seriously; saying the abuse didn't happen; shifting the responsibility for abusive behavior; saying she caused it;
-Using Children-
making her feel guilty about the children by telling her she is is a bad parent or by telling her the children need a two parent home; threatening to hurt the children; using the children to relay messages;using visitation to harass her; threatening to take the children away;
-Economic Abuse-
preventing her from getting or keeping a job; making her ask for money; giving her an allowance ;taking her money;not letting her know about or have access to fmily income;
-Male Privelege-
treating her like a servant;making all the big decisions; acting like the " master of the castle"; being the one to define men's and women's roles;
-Coercion and Threats-
making or carrying out threats to hurt her;
threathening to commit suicide or report her to welfare; making her drop charges;
making her do or participate in illegal things;
The Cycle of Violence
Phase 1-Tension arguing
Phase 2-Violence battering
Phase 3-Romance making up he is sorry it won't ever happen again
Phase 3-Romance

Monday, February 09, 2004

Every two minutes a woman is sexually assualted, battered or abused. That is a sobering statistic isn't it. I hope all of you stop to think about that and realize it can be you, your mother, sister, aunt, daughter, neighbor.
What are you going to do now that you are aware?
Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Never let your guard down. Never think you are safe.
Park in lighted areas only.
Keep doors and windows locked at all times.This isn't the 50's anymore.
If you are at a party or at a club and you turn your head from a drink do not drink it.
Date rape drugs are barely detecteded through taste.
Most rapists are known to their victims.
I just want you all to be informed.
Keep us all in your prayers.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Lord is doing amazing things here. The lady I have become close to and I got our extensions; we didn't think we would. We had run into all kind of obstacles. Now we have new ones we are facing. I started new medication and it has me me very groggry. At the same time I came down with a head and chest cold and a bad cough and a virus the doc said. He said it could turn bacterial and I have used up my medication allotment for the month so I am standing in Jesus" name that it won't.
I am so sore fro coughing so much. The weather has been cold and damp.
We are heading into a really cold week.
I am supposed to put in ten job applications which the law firm handling the disability case objects to because it will hurt my case so I have that to contend with.
It will work out because God has it in His Hands.
One of the girls who said she wanted to be saved was not for real as we found out as has left the shelter. Bad things happened to her this past week. She has lied all the way around.
She lied to CPS and the Courts.And her infant was removed from her care for molestation charges against her and her abuser. She thought we were all stupid.
She tought she could play with God.
Ironically, the one that was Wicca is fighting more than ever. She really needs prayer. Her whole family is coming at her.
She found out two days after she she was saved that she had a sister who committed suicide three weeks earlier as did a brother two years earlier due to the the father sexually abusing them. She has a daughter from the incest living in the family home.
As I said, keep her in your prayers.
Some of these women are the bravest people I'll ever meet.
Someday, I'll tell their whole stories.
Someday, I'll tell mine.
Even my children don't know all of mine. I am only now remembering some of it through hearting some of others in groups and going throught he counseling here.
I knew I was a survivor but didn't know to what degree until recently.
I have fought for life literally since I was born.
We had church again this morning here and it was wonderful.
We have a prayer meeting every night in my room.
I have such a peace about me now tha tI have never had in my life.
My case manager is a strong Christian woman too and she slips me notes of encouragement.
I don't hear from my kids as much as I'd like but that is OK.
I got an E- mail from Keisha today.
I miss her a lot.
She has a boyfriend but I reminded her the only boy she is allowed to kiss is her Dad!
And, she can't get married until her Nana gives her approval.
In the future I am going to copy down from some notes I have on domestic violence.
Some of the statistics are stggering.
For instance-
Most women are wearing blue jeans when they are sexually assualted not something sexy and alluring or provacative.
The average age for sexual assualts is from 16-25 and almost all sexual assailaints are known to the victim.
Battering is the most common injury to women above car accidents or hosehold accidents.
These are just a few of the statistics.
Domestic Violence always escalates.
Women need to know this information. Men do too.
It doesn't get better without intervention. Praying it away isn'y going to help. Wishing it away isn't going to help.
Turning your head isn't going to make it go away.
If you think its going on, its going on. It doesn't have to be physical to be abuse. That was the mistake I made. I truly didn't know that it was abuse becase it words or attitude or presece. I didn't know it escalates. I didn't know the cycle of violence.
The only element of the cycle that eventually leaves is the honeymoon or romance stage and that's the one we victims try to get to. We will sometimes hasten the tension phase to get through it.We want to get through the tension and battering phase to get to the honeymoon phase where everything is wonderful for awhile so we can breathe again for awhile.
But the cycle gets shorter and shorter.And eventually that phase leaves altogether.
Anyone out there going through it needs to know this. Develop a safety plan and call a women shelter and plan your exit. You are at the most risk when you are leaving. If you know someone who is planning this be supportive.
They are in the most danger at this time.
Help them do not hinder them.Please.
Get them to a safe place.
If you are planning to leave do not go to afamily member or friend's home. Your abuser will look for you there. Go to a women shelter. They are experienced and are protected.
There are things I am afforded here that I could not have accomplished on my own on the outside.
Coming here was a God thing.
I will write more when I can.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

The last 24 hours have been amzing.
First of all there are several Christian women here and we have been praying for our situations and that Satan be bound in our lives and those that would oppress us.
One of the ladies has a daughter who has a gift and she told her mother awhile back that there were " witches " here.
We found out that in fact there are some here. It was admitted at a support group.
I believe since we are Americans we all have the right to follow what each of us believes to be Truth however as a Christian I also know that there is only one true God and He shed His blood on the cross and rose again from the dead for our salvation. He paid the price so that we wouldn't have to be oppressed or live in fear. In the Bible it says ALL good and perfect things come to us from God.And, it also says that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.
It is my duty to profess what I know to be truth.
Last night one of the women noticed sticks placed around her car in the fashion of a spell. She knows this to be true because her abuser practiced witch craft and she has studied intensely on it.
She and I decided we would pray over her car and family. Well, before it was all said and done we ended up having a prayer meeting in my room for about an hour.
I'm telling you God was in this house and and The Holy Spirit was here.
During the prayer time one of the girls came in and wanted to be saved.
Wait, it gets better.
A little later one of the others shared that she was in mortal fear of her abuser and had been threatened with murder if she followed through with her protective order.
She had a cousin who was murdered at the courthouse alomg with her grandmother when she went to court.
So we stayed with her for an hour witnessing. She admitted she is angry with God for her situation.
Another one woke up this morning with a health issue and I asked if she would like me to pray with her for healing; she did.
We had decided last night we would hold church here in the dining room after breakfast.
All but one woman came and she is in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and didn't get up in time.
The last witch who was the most activly practicing came to our service and asked to be saved and was slain in the spirit as we prayed over her for deliverance. You could just feel God through His Spirit working in her.
The lady took the two that were saved immediately to a church.
Ironically, we are having some trouble with a staff person today on issues that were never an issue until today.
That's OK we are in prayer for her too.
Isn't God great?
I can't imagine going through all the strife in my life without Jesus.
Here we are in a battered women's shelter and He is with us through one of the darkest times in our lives.
I turned in all my paperwork Friday for my 14 day extension. I was able to get a doctor's note as I was requested to do. Then I was told it may not be good enough.
I told the staff person who professes to be a strong Christian that I had obtained everything they wanted as they wanted and if it wasn't enough God was in control and I had peace with it.
If I am meant to no longer be here I know He has another place for me.
I did get 3 prscriptions
however have yet to get them filled.
A roomate who was exited had stolen my money so I had to contact a family member to bring me some money. I should be able to get them filled.
The doc and I puzzled over which prescriptions to get because I am limited to three.
We finally decided on the Remeron for sleep and the Topamax and Lexapro. I can use over the counter pain reliever. He said my stomach doesn't sound good though from all the Ibuprofen I have taken.
Again, God is good. This doc was compassionate and understanding of my situation.
I still like the one I had in Ohio better but I would have lost her at the end of the year anyway. She was completing residency and moving to another state.
So that is the update on me so far today.
I am in the Houston area and today is Super Bowl so the city is buzzing with all the activity.
We may try to put on our version of a Super Bowl part later.
Last year I remember Jennie made hot wings and we had a beer. It was really nice.
I keep up with the paper from Dayton and they have had some nasty weather this wek.
I miss my kids and Keisha but I sure don't miss the nasty weather.
So keep me and the others in your prayers.