Sunday, February 01, 2004

The last 24 hours have been amzing.
First of all there are several Christian women here and we have been praying for our situations and that Satan be bound in our lives and those that would oppress us.
One of the ladies has a daughter who has a gift and she told her mother awhile back that there were " witches " here.
We found out that in fact there are some here. It was admitted at a support group.
I believe since we are Americans we all have the right to follow what each of us believes to be Truth however as a Christian I also know that there is only one true God and He shed His blood on the cross and rose again from the dead for our salvation. He paid the price so that we wouldn't have to be oppressed or live in fear. In the Bible it says ALL good and perfect things come to us from God.And, it also says that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.
It is my duty to profess what I know to be truth.
Last night one of the women noticed sticks placed around her car in the fashion of a spell. She knows this to be true because her abuser practiced witch craft and she has studied intensely on it.
She and I decided we would pray over her car and family. Well, before it was all said and done we ended up having a prayer meeting in my room for about an hour.
I'm telling you God was in this house and and The Holy Spirit was here.
During the prayer time one of the girls came in and wanted to be saved.
Wait, it gets better.
A little later one of the others shared that she was in mortal fear of her abuser and had been threatened with murder if she followed through with her protective order.
She had a cousin who was murdered at the courthouse alomg with her grandmother when she went to court.
So we stayed with her for an hour witnessing. She admitted she is angry with God for her situation.
Another one woke up this morning with a health issue and I asked if she would like me to pray with her for healing; she did.
We had decided last night we would hold church here in the dining room after breakfast.
All but one woman came and she is in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and didn't get up in time.
The last witch who was the most activly practicing came to our service and asked to be saved and was slain in the spirit as we prayed over her for deliverance. You could just feel God through His Spirit working in her.
The lady took the two that were saved immediately to a church.
Ironically, we are having some trouble with a staff person today on issues that were never an issue until today.
That's OK we are in prayer for her too.
Isn't God great?
I can't imagine going through all the strife in my life without Jesus.
Here we are in a battered women's shelter and He is with us through one of the darkest times in our lives.
I turned in all my paperwork Friday for my 14 day extension. I was able to get a doctor's note as I was requested to do. Then I was told it may not be good enough.
I told the staff person who professes to be a strong Christian that I had obtained everything they wanted as they wanted and if it wasn't enough God was in control and I had peace with it.
If I am meant to no longer be here I know He has another place for me.
I did get 3 prscriptions
however have yet to get them filled.
A roomate who was exited had stolen my money so I had to contact a family member to bring me some money. I should be able to get them filled.
The doc and I puzzled over which prescriptions to get because I am limited to three.
We finally decided on the Remeron for sleep and the Topamax and Lexapro. I can use over the counter pain reliever. He said my stomach doesn't sound good though from all the Ibuprofen I have taken.
Again, God is good. This doc was compassionate and understanding of my situation.
I still like the one I had in Ohio better but I would have lost her at the end of the year anyway. She was completing residency and moving to another state.
So that is the update on me so far today.
I am in the Houston area and today is Super Bowl so the city is buzzing with all the activity.
We may try to put on our version of a Super Bowl part later.
Last year I remember Jennie made hot wings and we had a beer. It was really nice.
I keep up with the paper from Dayton and they have had some nasty weather this wek.
I miss my kids and Keisha but I sure don't miss the nasty weather.
So keep me and the others in your prayers.

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