Thursday, January 29, 2004

I hope I can keep this computer running long enough to post this.
A lot has been happening but I probably can't write about all of it.
My extension is due by Friday midnight. Its crunch time. I have run into so many roadblocks the last few weeks trying to get stuff done. i have accomplishe a lot however difficult.
tuesday I went to the Social Security shrink; just arranging to get there was a challenge.
After mt consultation he said he would approve me and expedite the process so i could get my benefits and medical ASAP.
Today I go to the SS medical doc. Pray it goes as well.
I talked to the legal firm yesterday and she said if both docs approve and expedite it would probably be about 60 days and they are shooting for my case to go back into 2002 when I originally filed. Pray that it works out. I could use that money to help get a car.
One of the women here and I are going to try to get a place together to save on expenses.
I found a place but I am running into roadblocks getting the lady to understand about getting the deposit from an agency that helps women coming out of a shelter.
And she wants the money for the rent now instead on the move in date.
Its a private owner not a complex.
We want to get a place there because we will feel safe and its quiet and convenient for what we need.
Also, another woman has a car that her ex has but its in her name and she " gave " the title to my potential roommate.
The only problem is her ex has the car. He is supposed to be at court today so they are as we speak trying to locate the car and take it back.
Its an old Honda but we don't care. Its wheels. You can't imagine the struggle trying to get stuff done without transportation.
I need medical verification about my condition as part of the requirement for my extension. I have spent a week calling back to my former clinic trying to obtain this info. Last week the fax was broke here for 3 days but no one knew it. They couldn't figure it out.
( ???? )
I even called back to the shrink I saw Tuesday to ask him to fax something but got a recording and haven't heard anything yet.
I go tomorrow to start at a clinic here. I have to pay $7.50 for medication but don't have the money.
They will write 3 prescriptions a month.
i have to figure out how to find a way to pay for the meds now.
I hope if I haven't heard back from these other docs that the doc I see tomorrow will write out something or else I am screwed as far as a 14 day extension. I will be exited next week.
One of my roomate here stole my calling card and money. I was stupid and didn't know it because I don't think like a thief.
My locker combination was in my coat pocket.
I didn't think about someone could get into my pocket and get it.
She was caught last week shoplifting from Wal-Mart.
All they gave her was a citation to appear in court. Had they arrested her I wouldn't have been stolen from.
the shelter exited her yesterday because she committed a confidentiality and security breach on another issue.
Last night we discovered there is another thief here.
One of the women has 3 children and works at a Sonic trying to get up on her feet.
She had 4 shirts and a couple of outfits in a bag and went to use the phone and accidentally left her back by the phone when she walked away.
She remembered about it a few minutes later and went back but it was gone.
The sad thing is if she can't turn in those shirts if she leaves the job they will keep her check.
What is it in people that they feel they have to steal from women who are down on their luck? We are all in the same boat here. WQe almost all of us will share what we have because we understand each others situation; people don't have to steal.
I know its a compulsion but its very disturbing.
We come in here being screwed over by someone we love and who is supposed to be loving us and then to get screwed over by someone who is walking in the same shoes.
I can't wait to be out of here.
I am grateful that this place is here and I will always protect the location and confidentiality and safety of future residents. I have learned invaluable information while here. I just will be glad to have my own place.
I just need these extra couple of weeks to get a few loose ends tied up.
So that is a short synopsis on what is up with me.
I will update as I can.
Keep me in your prayers.

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