Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hi everyone! It's really me, myself, " I " am checking in.
I need to thank Dan for filling in as he can. I can always count on him. I don't know how he gave birth to a wonderful mother like me but he did!!!
Yes, I got to the motel for the next phase of my shelter stay and as I am approaching my door I hear an excited voice holler, Margaret. I stop and look in the window of the room next to mine and who is it but the " thief" and her mother.
She was so excited to see me.
She couldn't believe her fate that God would put us in adjoining rooms.
No, I could. I have learned throuhout my life what a sense of humor God has.
She eventually went into a drug treatment program and is still there and I pray for her everday. Seriously. I wish her only the best. No one deserves to be saddled with condemnation and awful demons hanging over them.
Her mother and I have developed a friendship. She does not see her daughter through rose colored glasses.
She has a similar history as mine. We are both Christian women and support each other every day in our Christian walk.
She also has similar health concerns so we both can moan and groan together.
I found out yesterday that when I leave the motel they will hire me on the housekeeping staff. I used to work there a few years ago as the laundry person. That is a hard job.
So now I am in the process of trying to find a place.
There is a complex across the street so keep me in your prayers that this works out because I don't have a car. That will be next goal.
I have been working weekends at the Mexican Restaurant I used to work at but transportation is an issue.
I have faith that God will see me through this; sometimes I get discouraged. I am human. I just get back in the Word and rejuvenate myself.
I think I need to go back on the Depakote. I have noticed my thinking is kind of messed up sometimes. I am on three antideprressants but nothing in particular for the bipolar spefically.
I was turned down for SSD a couple of weeks ago so now we are into the appal stage again.
Life always kicks when your down doesn't it?
I got bad news from the doc last time. The last Pap test came back abnormal again.
So I was supposed to make another appointment.
When I went to make it the computer was down. I called this morning and he is booked up the rest of this month and they don't have his schedule for next month yet.
Why would I expect something else.
This is public assistance. However, I am grateful
If I can get my own place before the 10th the shelter will help me get lights and phone turned on and used furnishings. The program I am in now will pay the deposit.
So, Again keep me in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Guest blogging for Mom

Hi to all regular, occasional, and new visitors to "Me, Myself, and I," the personal weblog of Margaret, aka Maggie and aka Margie. I call her Mom, and my daughter calls her Nana.

This is, of course, Margie's son, Dan, guest-blogging for Mom for the next several weeks or so. I maintain this blog, along with several others: head over to my homepage for more information, if you feel so inclined.

Mom reported in to us (we live in what you might call the "Dayton, Ohio USA field office") about a week or so ago. She wanted me to let everyone know that she's okay.

She found out that the "thief," whom she mentioned in previous posts, had been staying in the room next to hers. Fortunately, she was to leave the place the next day. Mom also brought the Ken doll and has found it to be significant in her therapy; i.e., a great way to take out aggression, etc. I'm sure you know what she means.

Last week, when she called, she got to talk with all of us: Keisha, my wife Jennie, and I. We made sure that Keisha got to talk to her Nana, because both of them miss each other dearly.

As you can expect, it is hard to share everything that's going on or has gone on in such a brief conversation, whether it be on the phone or a sporadic blog post such as this one.

Nevertheless, you have to try, huh?

More to come soon...

This has been Dan, Margie's son, reporting from the Dayton, Ohio USA field office of "Me, Myself, and I." Until next time... Make it a great day!