Sunday, April 22, 2007

So here I am again

So much has happened since I last wrote. I will try to remember as much as I can and in no particular order.

First of all,my condolences to those affected by the Virginia Tech massacre this week.Such a tragedy.One lesson I took from this is how short life can be and make the most of everyday.It sounds cliche but nonetheless true.
Don't waste time harboring ill feelings and holding grudges.Forgive and move on.Don't forget to tell those that matter you love them.Tommorow may be too late.

Our family experienced joy and sorrow this week.Last Saturday we learned Jennie was pregnant again.We were so excited and celebrated this miracle.She was told years ago she would have trouble getting pregnant again if ever.So to have a new,little precious life added to our family was exciting to say the least.

Monday was Dan's birthday.I can't believe he is as old as he is.I can remember the day he was born as well as if it were yesterday.
He was such a joy growing up and still is to me today.

Just a couple days after finding out about the pregnancy Jennie started experiencing troubling symptoms.They went to the ER and were told she most likely was miscarrying.
My heart aches for them.I can only imagine what they are feeling.
Prayers are going up continuosly for them.
My mesage board friends have been terrific at offering prayer and support.

Mandy was told she will be induced on the 7th of May.I am arriving late the 6th.I hope James likes me right away because there isn't going to be an adjustment time.
They informed yesterday they signed papers to buy a brand new house.If all goes well they close the Thursday after I arrive, the 10th.
Talk about a whirlwind trip to TX.
Dan,Jennie and Keisha are due to arive the week before Memorial Day.I can't wait to see them.PJ is supposed to drive up from Houston sometime that week.

I have had several doctor appointments since I last posted.
I had another CT scan and the report is the same.The nodule in my right lung is staus quo.It is still small enough it can't be biopsied.I am scheduled every 4 months to have anoher one to watch it.

I've had an MRI for my back and see the neurosurgeon tommorow.I hope he determines something can be done for my back.

I am in conference through Tel-Med with a psychiatrist from UC Davis for my psych meds.
It is an interesting setup.There is a large monitor set up and the doc and I converse as if we were in the same room.My doc comes in at the end and he tells her what scripts to write.

I've had back X-rays and a kidney ultrasound.
The kidney doc delivered unsettling news.Apparently my kidneys are functioning at 60% and I am in Stage 3 to 2 renal failure, the higher the number the better.My proteins and potassium are high and something I have to watch.
He thinks the years of excessive ibuprofen have played a part in my kidneys failing.So much for our great health system in this country and folks' lack of access to health care.My smoking for so long hasn't helped either.
Interestingly enough, he said with my pain complaints in my back and the blood work showing up what did he suspects there could be a tumor in my spine and is referring me to an oncologist.He doesn't think all the pain is from fibromyalgia,deteriorating discs and arthritis although that is enough in itself to cause the pain.

Now,having said all the bad news I need to say I am happier than I have been in my whole life.It appears life has come full circle for me.
Retirement seems to agree with me and Bob.
I love my home and the life we have here in Oroville.
I have a peacefulness in my life that I don't think I've ever had before.So,I am not afraid or worried just a bit concerned.I am as positive about my life as I can be and decide to have a good attitude every day.

I have made a new friend through the volunteer class and it's spooky how much we have in common.
I have had the best fun volunteering at the Visitors Center.I have met people from Japan,China,France and many of the States.I may miss some but as I recall now there have been folks from Washington state,oregon,Nevada,Michigan,Ohio,South Carolina,Wisconsin and all over California.
This job I do there behind the counter is right up my alley.
I dispense information and basically shmooze it up to those who come by.Kind of like a Public Relations job.

I was elected to the board of the Bidwell Bar Association.I'm still not sure what all it means because it was only my second meeting.One of the guys had to step down for health reasons and I was nominated and voted in.
The Bidwell Bar Association is an entity that promotes the historical and authenticity value of life here in Oroville and northern CA from the 1850's and on.
Bidwell Bar was named for John Bidwell who settled most of this area.A bar is a piece of land much like an island out in the water.There was an original bridge named the Bidwell Bar Bridge and the first suspension bridge west of the Mississippi.It was made in the northeast brought around Cape Horn and up to San Ffransisco.It was then brought into Marysville and then by oxen the rest of the way to Oroville.
When the Dam was going under construction the residents and BBA saved the bridge from being lost under the Lake 300 ft below.It now stands about a mile from its original location complete with the original toolhouse.
It will be the center of attention on Bidwell Bar Day may 5th connecting the marina to Wyke Island for the festivities.
The BBA members will dress in period costume and entertainment and education will be available for out guests based on the 1850 lifestyle.

God is good and forever faithful to me.I don't deserve all the blessings He has bestowed on me but accept them humbly.
Until next time,find something to smile about everyday and then give it away to someone else.