Monday, July 17, 2006

One reality of retirement

I didn't realize one season passed and another is half over since I last posted.The busy life of a retiree who is doing nothing in particular that is meaningful to anyone else but satisfying to the person who is enjoying it.

We moved into our new home and are still settling in.The spring brought with it the new sights and sounds of life in the community living near these mountains at the foothills of the Sierra.Everyday was like opening a new present.

We discovered among other' s we have two quail family living in our rosemary plants on the side of the hill;we've watched the babies hatch and they are now what we refer to as the "the teenagers".
We have two deer that thankfully visit a neighbors yard.We get to see them close enough but they don't disturb ours.
There is a resident fox that roams the community.The first sighting of him I commented that someone's really mangy dog was loose.
Numerous birds visit our many feeders on a daily basis.
We've been told there have been sightings of a bear, rattlers, and mountain cat but I don't know if that is myth or those sightings were when this community was new.
I see the mountain range from my front porch.
I sit on my back patio and its a quiet retreat away from the world.

At this stage in my life this what I needed.God always gives what you need when you need it.
Each day I thank Him for blessings.I am grateful for what I have been given.
Bob and i say at least once every day "life hardly gets better than this".

All the lessons I lived through brought me to this point.I can now appreciate the solitude of this place.
My life is simple.
I am aware of the world affairs and the crisis our country is in;my baby boy is still serving our country due to be relesed from service in a few months but maybe not depending on what happens these next few months yet there is calm about my life.

I have begun new medical care and some of the findings are not what any other doctors have found in the last 25 years.Some of the prognosis is not good yet I have a peace about me that surprises even me.

I am carefully choosing home furnishings because there is a reality this will be the last home I ever do this;instead of it being sad its been quite fun.

However, this morning the strangest thing happened.
I suppose it was bound to when you live the retirement life and one day goes into another.

I initially awoke at 5 AM.Decided to go back to sleep.I don't often do that.Woke again at 8.
Fixed the coffe, set the flag outside, blah blah, yadda yadda.
took coffee outside as usual, read paper and finished. Like in 10 minutes was finished.This was a weekday routine, not a Sunday routine.Where were the ads?The coupons?
I went back to the front page.
Monday, July 17th,2006.Well, I new it was July 17th.Its Keisha's 9th birthday.I need to call her later.I knew yesterday today was July 17th.I knew last night today was July 17th.I knew this morning it was July 17th.I just don't know when betwen last night and this morning I forgot it was Monday!
How did THAT happen?

I had to sit there for about 5 minutes and take it in.For that waking time I had my heart set on Sunday.Not that Sunday was such a spectacular day and something so special had happened i wanted to relive it but that every day is so ordinarily special I want to relive every one.
I was sad for a few moments to think I had lost a day.I had to realize I hadn't lost it,I had spent it just as I was supposed to and will spend today just am I supposed to.

And one of the ways I will spend it is being grateful for my special granddaughter who I was blessed with on this day 9 years ago.Here's hoping to not having a senior moment later in the day and forgetting to call her when she returns from day camp!