Saturday, February 21, 2004

Today was the pampering day. A group from the Houston North Junior League came out and volunteered to give us a luncheon and made baskets with some special spiced tea, a homemade neck wrap for when your muscles are aching ( which you know I will appreciate), a jar with homemade bath salts and a candle.
The luncheon was very nice. We were served with real dishes and silverware which was a treat because we usuasalyy have paper plates and plastic forks.
The tables were set festive.
We had a nice salad and and the main course was a rissotto and onion mixture and some kind of a ckicken breast with sour cream and I'm not sure whatever else but it was really good. I think it was rolled in a croissant and baked.
Dessert was a choice of a death by chocolate cake or ceesecake swirled with chocolate.
Hard choice but I chose the cheesecake. I could hardly move by the time I was finished.
One of the ladies was a Mary Kay Manager and she gave us skin care tips and had us do a manicure.
One of the ladies looked so much like my Jennie it was uncanny. I told her so.
She even had the smile and laugh.
It made me miss Dan, Jennie and Keisha.
Mary Kay Company has a foundation that supports breast cancer programs and helps fund 51 battered women shelters across the country.
A fact I recently learned is that every 15 seconds a women is battered somewhere in this country. Every 15 seconds.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That took 15 seconds.
When I heard that it struck me to my core. It was like when I found out my sisters had also been abused.
It was one thing to know I was but quite another to learn so many other women walked the same walk.
It really hurts my heart to know this.
The house deal is going nowhere fst.
Right after I blogged the last time we got the rental application on the apartment up the street.
I really thought this was the place the Lord wanted me to be.
Anyway, on the ap they needed us to be able to prove we made 3X's the income of the rent which we can't do so that door is closed. As far as the other place we'll see. I have further investigation to do. And it may well be there is a place the Lord wants me to be that hasn't been discovered yet.
Not having a car is a huge obstacle.
Kathy used some of her food stamps today and one of the women with a car took her to the store and she cooked a fabulous meal. She made her chicken/spaghetti and she made a huge salad and Texas Toast. She was going to make Mississippi Mud Pie but ran out of time.
One of the other women is going to cook tommorrow. She said sh'll make the pie tommorrow. We just about can't move around here tonight.
They just started letting us have the priveledge of cooking ourselves on the weekend because the help they have on the weekend does such a poor job of cooking. They are like college students.
Last weekend we got DiGiorno Pizza with dough that wasn't done and hot wings that were still frozen. There's your sign!!
I will be leaving this shelter Thursday and going into another shelter program.
I will be put up at a motel that has a kitchenette.
I won't have easy access to a computer though. What I will have when I do get to one is some more interesting stories in the ongoing saga of my shelter experience.
Motel life. Now there should be some interesting blogging.
I may have to call Dan periodically and pass things along and have him update!
Kind of like the old time reporters.
This is crazymaggiemay reporting from somewhere in the greater Houston area......
signing off now

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