Friday, February 20, 2004

Today and the past couple of days are bad fibromyalgia days. We are going to get rain. I expect within the next 12 hours. I haven't seen a weather forecast; my body forecasts.
There has been a lot of drama again.
I decided I could make a lot of money by scripting a reality TV show or or a sitcom or drama series out of here.
I am serious. I know there is money to be made somehow.
This afternoon one of the women got a call from a friend who had to move hastily from an apartment and apparently left it in amess that the apartment people were going to have her arrested for leaving it dirty. She put in acall to the sheriff dept. about it and was awaiting the call back.
While she was waiting I made a jole that we would see her on America's Most Wanted.
There would be her picture with her her children and her decsription ( she has a distintive disability) driving south on the freeway with a description of the thief who was my roommate( she was at atraffic light yesterday and jumped into this woman's car) carrying Wal-mart and Kroger bags and large bottle of Sprite heading south to unknown destination. Has been known to be roomate of former person practicing witchcraft who wears many pierced earrings and plastic bracelets and size 7 mens's jeans with large pants pockets but thinks they are size 7 Medium because they say " M ".
Last known residence was a battered women's shelter.
If you see this women she is considered to be dangerous and is to be avoided. Call authorities immediately.
We were hysterical.
The police called her back and told her thew only thing that would happen is she wouldn't get her deposit back. Darn, took all the fun out it.
I find the fun in dysfunctional all the time.
Next week will be decision time. I will either be leaving or be staying for 2 more weeks but then my time is up.
Kathy and i found an apartment we like right up the street.
We can come back for groups. It is literally a block up the street. We have no car right now so that is a disadvantage. one of the women took her a couple of mornings ago early to try to find the car I mentioned in an earlier blog but it wasn't where it was supposed to be.
They left out at 6AM and were thinking they might even be shot at. In fact, it was the same America's Most Wanted woman who took her.
That same woman approched us last night with an offer to move about 50 miles south to a 6 bedroom house with a guy she knows as a friend where there is a pool and a jacuzzi, etc. and we could live very cheap and each be able to save for a car.
It seems like one of those things that sounds too good to be true.However, when we had church here Sunday the Lord had a word for me through a woman and He said I needed to walk in my faith and my blessings would be there. So do you see my dilemna?
Is this the blessing or a trick by Satan to lure me away?
When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia I was told I should have water therapy everyday.
Supposedly, the people who have this huge house just want to help we women because of our situation. You hear of these things happening but you also hear of people having nightmaririshish experiences because of these kinds of things too.
I am the oldest of the bunch. Like the Mom and big sister so I feel even more responsible to do the smart thing.
We have the option of going into another shelter program for a month also.
So next week we will decide something.
I talked to my ex-husband last night and found out that my ex-father-in-law is dying. I never much cared for the man yet I am saddened.
It brings up a lot of emotion.
I dearly loved my mother-in-law. She was a terrific woman.
I don't hate my ex and we are friendly and he of course is saddened by this news.
I was in the family for 22 years and 2 of my children are part of the family so I am still connected.
I am in contact with the kids of course.
None of us are fond of the grandfather with good reason.
It just makes me miss the grandmother. She was my mother in my adult life as I lost my own mother at 23years old.
I was the daughter she never had.
I never was back in her house after her funeral. I just couldn't go back. And the distance made it easy to stay away and then finally the divorce. I couldn't imagine pulling up in front of the house and she not coming out front to welcome us or not being in the kitchen telling me how I could help.
She was a strong Christian woman.
I knew I was getting older when once she offered me some clothes and I actually took them because I could see me wearing them and not because I felt like I should not to hurt her feelings !
God rest her soul.
The lady that did the money management group came back last night and gave a talk on organizing.
What a great talk it was. By the way, the book is called, " The Best of Cheapskate Monthly " by Mary Hunt.
She also has a newsletter you can subscibe to. I really reccommend the book. As soon as I get some money ahead Iam going to get the newsletter.
Great advice.
Tommorrow we are having " Pampering Day". I am not sure what they are doing but I am sure it is going to be nice.
I know our 2 case managers are watching the toddlers. This is a riot because one is single and the other just got married at the holidays. They are scared to death!!!!
We are cracking up over this.
They are both so sweet. The staff here is great.
I'll let you all know how the day goes.
We got to open a checking account with a dollar by the way.
I'll let you all know how Saturday goes.
Pray for me.

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