Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Here is a group of elderly, couragous women demanding the right to be heard, respected and compensated by the Japanese goverment still today. We should commend them as its not there culture or in their usual way to do this.
Then there is the female circumcision issue in Africa and other nations and cultures. I, personally, have herd and read of this but to see it depicted wrenched my heart. To hear it described in graphic detail and how it is accepted practice even still today is horryifying.
My heart wrenches for my sisters of that culture.
I applaud all women who are surviving violence committed against them. As one line said in this film " we are the natural resource to populate the planet and we are being killed off." Does anyone care? I think lots of people care. It just takes someone raising awareness.
Next Thursday after seeing the play we are being given the opportunity to get up on stage and speak of our experience. I have made the decision to do this. Pray for me. It won't be easy.
I will be speaking of 51 years of abuse.I will need courage and strenght. I want to do this so I take control back from all my abusers.
I leave here tomorrow a different person than when I came in.
I was suicidal, despodant, desolate, discouraged, friendless, hopeless. I had no spirit left. I was defeated.
This shelter and staff has changed me into someone I have never been.
I know I will hard days out there ahad. This has been a controlled environment.
They gave me the resources and I had to do the work.
I will continue with support groups and counseling as I believe they are invaluable.
Anyone out ther in a domestic violence situation. Plan your escape. Call a hotline.

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