Friday, February 13, 2004

Tonight is a potpourri of thoughts. I have felt so awful all day. The weather is terrible; it is cold and wet. I ache so bad. Kathy and and I were required to move to a different room the day before yesterday and the beds are horrible.
Today one of the ladies felt so bad for me she went out and bought some Ben-gay and one of those egg-crate mattress thingies. Wasn't that so sweet. i didn't have the money for something like that.
You would have laughed watching me trying to take it out of the package.
Watch the cripple who can hardly move try to get the spongy material away from the plastic!!!!
It will be interesting to see how I can do my chores tonight. We had two exit yesterday so we have extra chores tonight.
Let's see how Christian some of these women REALLY are, huh?!
Kathy says she wants all of us to sing the " loolipop song " from the Munchckins of the Wizard of Oz movie at her funeral amd one of the girls here has perfected it so well. We were rolling laughung watching her do it.

Lasdt night A group came from a Copsmetology College to give us manicure. Badly needed and and greatly appreciated. We have had a bank come and let us open an account with a dollar. And a lady on money management came and gave a talk on time and money money management. She reccommened a book by Mary Hunt I think it was> I have the book in my room . I will check the title and author and get back to you but it is great and sensible advice.
Well, almost tome for house meeting.

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