Sunday, February 05, 2006

been busy!

I have neglected my blog recently because I have been tied up on other projects.

Bob decided to put the house up for sale after he retired right after the holidays.

Now, it wasn't as simple to just call a realtor and put a sign in the yard.
As I've mentioned in the past this house was lived in by a hoarder who kept everything for the last 20 years he lived here.
Although he had slowly been disposing things in the time I had been here and was making some strides, he had a long way to go to make this house "sellable".

We had to go through and collect all the paper that had accumulated in all the places he had them stuffed.Filing some, just throwing out some and collecting together what needed to be shredded.We aaalready had burned up one shredder so we found a service you can take boxes of papers to and they shred it for a fee.For $45.00 we got all of it done at once and they dispose of it if you want or you can wait and carry it home and dispose of it yourself.Since the last thing we needed was more of something to dispose of we chose the former option.

Next we had another dumpster delivered and this time he was ruthless in his disposal of all these possesions.I actually was quite proud of hime.

We then rented a storage shed to take all the boxes as they were packed to get them out of the house.
The old Mazda truck(that he had used as a makeshift stortage shed) was pushed out on the driveway so the garage was cleared out. He is waiting on his pink slip because somewhere in all this mess it was lost.(Imagine that!)

I purchased a new, inexpensive vacuum with the dust cup (since the old one quit) and set about cleaning this place the best I could.What a job that was but it was really rewarding as well.

This house now looks like normal people live here! I had almost forgotten how it should be.

The house went on MLS on a Wednesday and the realtor started receiving calls with a couple of hours.Thursaday he had 2 appoinments and 2 more were set up while he was here.
At the end of the day we had 3 offers! Still no picture with the MLS listing, still no sign in the front yard!
We had an open house last Sunday and received 4 more offers.

We accepted one from a firm that flips houses as it was a full cash offer with no contingiencies except that we be out by the end of the month.
I felt bad in a way for the young families who were interested in the house.Even in its condition it would have been a good, solid starter home and this is a great family neighborhood.But, we didn't want to wait until they could secure financing.

So, off we go this wek to Oroville to select our new home and prepare to move.
We will be getting a new home most likely and all new furnishings to go with our new life together.

What an adventure its been!

And to add to this new journey I am expecting my first grandboy anyday now back in TX!
Our family is excited about his arrival and if he gives me half the joy Keisha has I will be one blessed Nana!
And, keisha is growing up so fast.She started learning cursive writing this past week.Doesn't that make her like an upperclassmen or something?!
Who told her she could grow up? I know I didn't.

Time moves on...

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Annie said...

Gosh, it sounds like things have been pretty hectic for you. I'm glad the house sold and hope that the move goes well. Have a good week. *Big hugs*