Sunday, October 29, 2006

Where has the year gone?

Its hard to believe it's Autumn.
Since my last post we went through the summer here;I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted.

We had a terrific summer season here in our new home.Other than the 15 days in July we had record breaking temperatures of upwards 110 degrees it was a wonderful season.
I had a summer garden for the first time in many years,albeit in a whiskey barrel.We learned we cohabitate with a lot of wildlife here in our park;quail,coyote,wild turkeys,deer,jackalope,skunk to name some.Many bird species,some I have never seen before.

I have met a few more neighbors.Two ladies are originally from Germany,the homeland of my Mother's people.
The elderly man on one side of us is a fascinating character.He always has a joke and a story to tell.He is a Pearl Harbor survivor and was instrumental in the inception of the Napa Valley Wine train here in CA.
He has a memory better than most people I know.He is known to recite poetry from heart.

I have had a lot of medical tests run since last spring.I have a few more to do soon.The Oroville hospital outpatient registration for awhile was my second home.

I made a committment to stop smoking near the end of summer.I haven't totally quit yet because there have been a few days I have had one or two but a far cry from the 3 pack a day habit I once had.

My PJ will be ending his service in the Navy November 6th;he should be back in TX for his 26th birthday,November 9th.
A Mother always worries for her children but having a child in the active military during a war is surreal.
He will still have few years of reserve duty and I pray he won't be called back to active duty.
I am told there is a party planned in his honor on Veteran's Day being given by his brother Richard.

It's hard to believe my Mother is gone from us 31 years yesterday.Her loss is as real today as it was 31 years ago.It doensn't ever quit hurting,you just get used to it.

Bob lost a second cousin to cancer a couple weeks ago.His Mom and Bob grew up together.It's strange to go to Marty's and not see John in the barn playing pool or asleep on the couch while he was watching the Sci-Fi channel.

I was notified this summer that Oscar passed away in July.He died as I often thought he might.Alone and using.I never hated him but I sure hated the drugs and abuse.It's a strange feeling to know he is no longer on this earth.
I hope he has now found peace and tranquility and is basking in the presence of his Savior.That is one thing I do know for sure;he was a believer.
Rest in eternal peace,Oscar.

We had a lot of out of town company this past summer.I was in my element because I've always loved to entertain.It was nice to have a place we could invite friends and family members to visit.
It seems we are the destination point for anyone looking for rest and quiet!

Mandy moved to FT.Worth this summer.It's weird to think I have no more connection to The Woodlands where I spent such a large part of my life.
CA is begining to feel like home now.
Geographically and seasonally,it feels a lot like Ohio.
I am experiencing my first Autumn in many years except for the one I had in 2003 back in Ohio.
The trees are losing their leaves now after a few weeks of spectacular color.
One could take it for granted when they see it every year but when its been gone for 25 years it has a special significance.
It's a little sad to see the trees shed their leaves but there is the certainty that in a few months the cycle starts all over again.

Dan and Jennie have decided to home school Keisha this year and it appears to be going well.
Dan is looking for work again;his previous employer has put him on contract status.

Mandy is expecting her second child April 24th.
James started crawling last week so she is going to have her hands full with two littles ones so close together.
Alfred tells me James is a little flirt!

I miss not being a regular part of my children and grandchildren's lives.

Life is good for me right now and it's been a long time since I could make that claim.
Until the next time...

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