Monday, November 13, 2006

addicted to online games!

Hello,my name is Margaret and I am an addict...
I have become addicted to playing online games at the website.I registered last year,I don't even remember how I heard about it.Isn't that the way addictions go;someone hooks you up and then before you know it you can't say no.
Actually,I started playing Poppit years ago when my family first became acquainted with a computer.That was back in the days that AOL was just about the only ISP in the game and you waited forever to get online.
When I registered for Pogo,there it was all over again,Poppit!
I don't know what it is about the game I like;the challenge of trying to pop as many ballons as possible and geting the extra tokens.Is it the challenge of knowing you likely will never pop them all?I came close a couple times,got it down to 3-4.Is it the sound of the ballons popping?Maybe it's because it only takes a reasonable amount of skill and no real mental challenge like a word game.Don't get me wrong,I like word games too.

Then I started scoping out some of the other free games and found bowling;I am much more skilled at online bowling than I ever was in real life (herein known as IRL).
I have had almost 200 point games whereas IRL my average would be like 67!

I found a game that may rival Poppit.It's called Lottso.It's a cross between Bingo and Lottery scratch off tickets.Again,just some skill but you don't need to be a brain surgeon.Considering I have about 2 brain cells working nowadays,that is right up my alley.
There is farm animal game I am trying to get the hang of that is quite challenging but it isn't quite a favorite yet although it does have potential.

Now that the winter weather is upon us and I am spending less time outdoors I am finding myself back at playing these games again.
Be warned;this too could happen to you when you are retired.

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