Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Divine Presence?

A few days ago we were having a heavy rainstorm.I went into the bathroom and noticed a streak of rain droplets(or so I thought) on the mirror.

I was quite concerned because just the day before we had a roofer here to check things out and he gave us a clean slate(no pun intended).
Last week we had an annual heating inspection and the guy noticed some rust up over the furnace so we felt we better have it checked.
The roofer said it was from an old leak that had been repaired.
See,I am skittish of roof leaks since living in the house in Pittsburg .I won't ever live with open holes in the ceiling and rain leaking in again if I can help it.

So,I see these droplets coming down the mirror and I look the whole ceiling over and nowhere could I find a source.I went over the entire room trying to learn where it could be coming from.
The drops were coming from the top of the mirror down.
Absolutely nowhere was there a source ;not even if water were splashed on the miror.Had it happened that way it would be on the side and not that high up.
I even had Bob look at it to see if he could figure it out.
He had no explanantion either.

I joked that maybe it was going to be one of those apparitions where the Blessed Virgin appears and is crying or Jesus himself.I was of course wondering why Jesus or His Mother would pick my bathroom to have a miraculous apparition but quickly decided if they would pick one of ours,it would be mine because on any given day the one I use is cleaner than the one Bob uses.
We all know cleanliness is next to Godliness and I'd imagine bathrooms fall into that category.
Mary or Jesus would know I would use the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner everyday and use the Clorox wipes on the sinks.
Bob probably would forget.

This would be important if we were to see apparitions because then folks would flock here to Oroville to see Jesus or His Mother or whomever they designated to show up inside my mirror and have spiritual and religious experiences in that room.
I was glad I hadn't gotten around to taking up the wall to wall carpet in that room yet in case people needed to kneel on the floor.

This would mean I'd have to be sure to make my bed everyday as folks would be traipsing through the bedroom to get to the bathrooom.Actually the whole house would have to be spic and span clean everyday if I were to have visitors.

I thought about the people that could be put to work if this happened.I'd need full time help with the cleaning;I'd need someone to clean carpets every week because of the foot traffic;we'd need someone to drive a van to bring people in because they'd have to park up by the clubhouse;our driveway only holds two extra cars at a time.
There would be food to be cooked,at least cookies or a cake everyday to serve the folks while they were here.
It just goes on and on.

All day long those droplets were there on the mirror but, the next morning they were dried up.The spots on the mirror are still there.I'm hesitant to wipe them off in case they were representing a divine presence.
Why me?Why my house and why my bathroom?I don't know but I guess I have to say God can do whatever He wants,wherever He wants,however He wants.
And anyone who knows me well would know if God were to decide to make His presence known in my house it would likely be the bathroom because,well-...that's just the kind of luck I have.

It wouldn't be on a grilled cheese sandwich or a painting on the wall or the side of the house-no,He would pick MY bathroom because He would think that's the best practical joke He could play on me!
I wouldn't have doubted if He didn't get my family members and friends who have passed over to be in on the joke.

So,I don't think it was anything to do with an apparition because no face or likeness appeared but - all was not lost because it made me think and made me write about this and if it causes someone to think about their own spirituality,then all was not lost.

If one day something does appear,I will post it here first,until then...

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Dan said...

I found this post very funny, Mom, picturing everything potentially happening the way you described.