Monday, July 23, 2007

the importance of donating organs

My brother Walt was admitted to the hospital last week to await a heart transplant.
We've known for a few years this might be necessary but nonetheless the fact that it became a reality has me and our family stunned.
My nephew Ken was told by the nurse that his Dad would NOT be leaving the hospital without a new heart.
Apparently his heart is operating at only 15% capacity and his kidneys and liver are compromised.

It isn't just all the implications of needing the transplant to deal with but also the reality that he,his son and another brother have the same heart disease my Mom succummed to in 1975.
Will others of us face the same reality?Is this coincidence(hardly likely IMO) or a shared genetic trait?

Walt had to leave Cincinnati and was transferred to the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio because that's where his insurance would cover.he had hoped to go to Columbus to Ohio Sate University but the insurance denied that request.
Columbus was easily a day trip from Cincinnati;Cleveland is much further and would almost require an overnight stay for family so he won't have many visitors.

I pray more so for his spiritual health at this point.He readily admitted to my sister Mary he has little faith,if any.He blames God for many things in his life that didn't go the way he wanted.
One of the big ones is that his wife died at a young age.
A real miracle would be that he regained his spirituality even above a new heart.

I don't know what to expect while we await the new heart.I am agonizing over the grief and loss another family will have to endure for him to have the transplant.I just have to remind myself that God has a plan.

Something like this doesn't just affect the patient but ripples down through the family,coworkers,neighbors,family friends and even the medical staff trying to save a life.

I would ask anyone who reads this if you have been sitting on the fence with this issue or maybe have meant to get around to signing a donor card but haven't, do it now.
It takes a minute of your time to fill out the information but can give someone else years of another lifetime.


emb450 said...

I can relate 100% as my dad died of heart disease back in 1972. Back then there was no angioplasty or stents. Transplants had just begun by Dr. Barnard in south africa! Anyway, my prayers are with both you and your family members as you pass thru these uncertain times!

Ed Ovett

karleen said...

My sister's son-in-law is now awaiting a heart transplant, he has to go to Atlanta Wed of next week and possibly may have to stay in the hospital until a new heart is received, we live in south georgia, it has the whole family upset, he is 44 years of age, has 18 to 24 months to live unless a new heart is found soon, we are praying this transplant will soon happen, but are sad because we know someone has to die for this to take place, we are on a happy note and a sad note, just pray all will go well,if you know of anyway to get some donations please let me know, thanks, Karleen K. Evans