Thursday, July 19, 2007


Ok,Ok,Ok.... geez Louise,already. I have been told by several folks lately I haven't updated my blog.Didn't realize you cared.

What's happened since I last blogged?Hmmm, I'm over 50 so I don't remember as well as I did say,when I was 49.

I went to Texas to be with Mandy to welcome Jacob to our family.Oh my gosh,let me tell you he is so precious;well, all my grandchildren are but he is the only one I was right there to be with my child when he was born.Correction,I was supposed to be right there but some complications arose with my SIL which I may or may not report.
Let's just say I saw a different side of him than what I did in a phone relationship and he leaves a lot to be desired IMO as a husband,Dad and SIL.

Jacob took to me right away.I can still feel his little self snuggled up against me.I called him "my little man" because his little hands were so wrinkled.It just seemed to fit.
James,Jacob's big brother also took to me right away.We became bestest buddies while I was there.I taught him Patty Cakes and that has become our mantra!
Both boys resemble each other,there will be a family resemblance like the Kennedy's and other families that have certain features easily identifiable.(They don't look like the Kennedy's though-they look like the Ramirez boys).

Dan,Jennie and Keisha drove down to Ft. Worth from Cincinnati.It was so good to see them again.Keisha is as tall as me and wears the same size shoe and almost the same clothing size.I teased her to start picking out cool stuff so she could pass them down to me and I would look cool too.She has turned into a real fashion critic!
Here's a biggest hug Keisha-((((HUG))).Nana loves you berry,berry much!!!!

PJ drove up from Houston with his Dad.I got to meet his new love,a bright red Mustang.I don't think the car will ever give him the grief Sarah did.We discovered quite by accident Sarah apparently married someone she met in Iraq.I guess this means she won't be paying PJ all the money she owes him that she promised too.

It was surreal to see Paul and be in his company a few days.I can honestly say I only thin of him in friendship.I think we would have made very good friends but it was a mistake to be married.I'm sure I made him as miserable as he made me.Touche,Paul.
It made me miss and appreciate Bob even more than I had already.

I have the best life I could possibly have here with him.We are very blessed to have found each other and get to live here in Oroville.
It's a compliment to Bob that I hear over and again from those that knew me in "my other life"
that they can hear in my voice I am really at peace and happy.It's even more a compliment that your ex you were married to for 22 years notices it and is genuinelly happy for you.
I wish the same for him.

On my flight home a lady across the aisle and four rows back had a heart attack and apparently died on the plane.Anyone who knows me,knows this would happen when I am around or involved.
I always wondered what it would be like to go to Reno and we aren't that far from it but I wasn't prepared to go there in an emergency landing.Meanwhile,bob was circling around Sacramento airport waitibg for me to come out with my luggage.After we landed and they removed the lady from the plane they told us we could use our cell phones as it would be awhile before we arrived in Sacramento.
Needless to say Bob was perturbed that I was going to be late.He had to keep finding spots he could pull off for short spaces of time and it was about an houror more until I landed in Sacramento.As I reminded him later I bet that lady's son who was with her was even more perturbed for our emergency landing.

Boy oh boy,it was good to be home.Home sweet home.I love my home here and as the saying says,"there's no place like home".

I think I'll close for now and try to make a real concerted effort to keep up with this more frequently.It isn't that nothing is happening it's that I forget.

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