Saturday, October 11, 2003

Oscar is so funny. He is so honest. He had a problem with the computer so his son who is the computer whiz was out here and he was checking the computer. He was having trouble clicking the mouse. He was having to click it really fast and he couldn't do it fast enough. Finally, he noticed that it was set on high. He changed it and got it to work and proceed to diagnose and fix what was wrong. He was telling us about this mouse thing.
Oscar spoke up and said I did it. I figured since I changed to high speed DSL and the computer wasn't working I needed a high speed mouse!
I know you all would get a kick out of that.
Everything here is going well.
My health is good. I've been able to get out and take 4 short walks. The fibromyalgia symptoms are less intense howevder the arthritis in the spine is the same.
Oscar makes sure I take my meds as I am supposed to.
We are both bipolar so it can get interesting.
He is recovering from knee surgery and this morning we took a walk together.
He will still eventually have to have the knee replacement but he wants to hold off as long as he can.
I won't be blogging as much as I was. I'm not on the computer like I was.
I am busy trying to reaquaint with my man and he with me and we stay busy.
We are both rediscovering our spirituality that was somewhat lost without each other.
We really do love each other.
Keep us in your prayers.

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