Tuesday, March 29, 2005

what am i gonna do today?

There is so much I should be doing but what am I realistically gonna do today. It stopped raining, thank God. The yard needs mowed but we have a young guy that does it. Guess Bob is gonna have to have him come this weekend.
I've tackled all but two rooms in this house so far but the two that are left are going to be harder. I don't know where to go with some of this stuff.
He must have 500 VCR tapes; about 1000 cassettes. What do you do with an 8 track player and tapes? And a collection of old LP's.
Then there is the plethora of sport memorobilia which I know what I want to do but its the getting to it that's the issue.
I can see this man's life of the last 20 years all around this house. Every nook and cranny and closet and cabinet are bursting.
We even have his old Mazda truck thast hasn't run in 3 years in the garage for storage!
I have been doing a lot of researching on the internet about what one can do with clutter. Now, I have to convince him!
On the TLC channel there is a show called Clean Sweep that uses thepremise of decluttering and reorganizing and I've watched it as often as I can.
In his defense he works long hours and isn't home much. That's part of how it got this way and part of it is he's just a damn packrat!
I've looked for a tape measure for weeks now. He says one lives here somewhere.
I am the impetuous one and he is the exact opposite. So we balance each other. We are disimilar in a lot of ways but have the same values and principles.
That's one reason this works. And we laugh a lot.
We have had some bumps but we always manage to laugh.
I think what I need to do is order a dumpster abd go from there after I convince him the world will not end if he parts with this stuff.
I love the bones of the house. In fact, I named the house Rosa. It reminds me of a meek hispanic housekeepr who stood by and never spoke up to Senor Bob to tell him enough was enough. She just stood steady as she could over the years, waiting.
Guess what. I'm here now and its changing. Me and Rosa are gonna do some serious butt whipping!
My back never holds out as I need it to. I'll start doing something and have to keep stopping. Its frustrating.
My creative side is screaming to get out.
Had a bad pain night. Woke up several times.
I'm sure the rain has a lot to do with it.
I find I can't sit at the computer for extended periods of time.
I guess I need an ergonomically correct chair.
Well, gonna go get something done. Still not sure but I'll start somewhere.
If you don't hear from me for a few days I might be buried under a pile of stuff. I'll work my way out and find my way back to the pc because I survive everything.

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