Wednesday, March 23, 2005

back in the saddle again

We finally got the computer and got it hooked up today so now I can blog again! I have missed this, for sure.
So much has happened since I last updated. Thanks to Dan for trying to update occassionally.
I think I last was able to publish while still in shelter or shortly after I got my own place.
The biggest change is the most wonderful person that came into my life when I least expected.
His name is Bob and he is my rock.
I live in northern California now. We are about 40 miles or so east of Oakland.
I figured out a lot of my trauma from the past while in shelter and continued some therapy after leaving.
I thought there would never be another man in my life and sure as hell didn't want one. But life had other plans.
I am treated so well. All the stuff they told me could happen in a healthy relationship is happening.
So if anyone reads this and you are in an abusive situation get out and don't go back.
I will write more thoughts on this at another time.
For now, I just wanted to get back into the swing of it.

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