Monday, June 20, 2005

War is ugly

I added that article to my posts because i think we need to be reminded war is very ugly.
That soldier was killed with my friends brother-in-law.
All the soldiers from all sides in every war believe in " their' cause.
In recent days we have learned from news articles we lied to yet again by this administation.
I want to say didn't anyone think about the very real consequences of war but I think I know the answer.
Its a business.
Casualties are faceless and nameless.
They are grouped together into a statistic so it becomes palatable for us to swallow.
In years to come when this is over we will read the death count and it will be a number. Only the family members will remember there was a human life attached to that number and what the world lost because that person is no longer here.
I won't change anything because I put this out there but I will know they won't be forgotten.
I just want each of us to pause for even a moment and comprehend the true cost of war.
Its not just the billions spent on warfare that could have been spent in other ways; what if this money had been spent on Veterans affairs because of the true toll from previous wars instead of creating more havoc in individual lives.
But the government will have you believe there is no funds available for correcting the wrongs that war created; Veterans take their oath and are promised we, the American people will take care of them and honor their service.
Every program that involves veterans has been drastically cut over recent years.
I, myself have had occasion to visit VA hospitals and its discouraging and embarrasing as a citizen of this country who enjoys the freedoms their service stood for, to see how they are treated.
Its a complex issue but if we funneled all the money that has been spent on this war alone a huge difference could have been made into these programs.
And all the other worthy programs; health care, homelessness issues, the elder issues, parenting issues; housing issues. i could go on.
But we are told there is no money. Yet, there is always money to go slaughter and be slaughtered.
I think what makes this country great in part is because we are so profoundly affected by our freedoms yet when basic needs are not being met by the masses the possibility is there to fall apart from the inside out.
Its not only terrosits we need to fear but as the saying goes " I have met the enemy and it is us".

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