Friday, July 08, 2005

bombing in England

I haven't felt well the last few days and have been distracted by some goings on here but I really wanted to post to let those who may read this across the ocean know my symphathy and regret over yesterday's bombing.
Regardless how any of us feel about the war or whether we should be there or not no country or one of its residents or visitors should have to live in fear of terrorists.
They are monstrous cowards and i hope the world resolves to never bow down to them.
I don't understand that there could be a belief system that would promote viloence and its comrades- evilness, maiming, death, fear and outrageous behavior as something to follow much less believe in.
Regardless who someone thinks of as their God that God would want peace and tranquility.
For the victims of yesterdays tradegy my heart aches for all of you and for all the rest of the world as it shows we all are victims in this monstrosity called Al-Queida.
As part of the human race we can't back down. We have to unite together. Mothers hearts break regardless which cause you believe in when a life is taken away or shattered by violence.
I know this isn't going to end anytime soon but the people who perpetrate this type of violence should know good always wins over evil.


Goldie said...

I agree totally with you maggie. I feel so bad for those victims and their families.

Karen said...

It was so terrible. My heart really goes out to them.

YAY for your comments being back! *HUGS*