Sunday, March 26, 2006

Motel living

Bob and I have been in Oroville now 21 days! We call ourselves the newest Orvillians!

In those 21 days I have been in 4 motel rooms.The first was a room in Antioch at the best Westwern which was awful.Not what one would expect of best Western standards and the price they charged for a substandard room should make them ashamed.

The metal thingie that is supposed to be attached to the wall behind the faucet to the tub was away from the wall exposing the pipes behind the wall; the heater did not work and it was below freezing that night.The curtain rod was coming out of the wall making operating the drapes impossible for risk of it coming off the wall.

We would have asked for a different room but were so tired from loading the moving truck all day and it was past 7 PM when we arrived.
Actually, we didn't really know the heater wasn't working until later in the night and by then we weren't going to pack up our stuff and move into another room.We knew we had to get on the rtoad early the next morning to drive to Oroville.
We had put Bob's bro and SIL up in a room also and would have had to wake them to tell them about the rtoom change.

The drive to Oroville was miserable.It was cold and pouring rain the whole trip.My fibromyalgia was flared up big time and I had to drive our personal truck all the way.
On the three hour trip I was popping OTC meds every half hour and it wasn't helping.
We had torrential rain, hail and thunderstorms.

Something really neat happened though along the way.Coming out of Sacramento the only radio station I could get in for some reason was a Christian radio station- K-Love.So I had a prasie and worship session the remainder of the trip!
At one point when I didn't know if I could continue to drive a song came on that gave me encouragement and joy.It was like a sign that I was not alone and He was watching over me.
It was the song Dan sang to Jennie at their wedding!!!

The words are so positive and what do you think the tile is?-I'll Be There. Or thats what I call it. How appropriate.
The words to the song encouraged me and the memory of the wedding day was so joyful and comforting.
What a gift! God is good.

We arrived in Oroville and Bob's cousin had lined up help for us on this end.We had rented a storage room on the previous trip but realized we needed another one.

Again, God looked on us with favor.The immediately next ours had just come available the day before.
It was pouring rain.Even with an umbrella we were getting soaked.It was so cold and windy.
Those people were angels, let me tell you.They just took over and had the whole truck unloaded into the two storage rooms in less than an hour.
A couple of them wouldn't even let us pay them and offered to help when we needed to unload to move into our house.

We were blessed on both ends of the move.Bob's good friends came to help load and his bro and SIL(whom we absolutely enjoy) and my friend I had made from the message boards I visit that ended up living only a mile away. And the help we had on this end.
We wouldn't have been able to do it as well as we did without all the help and I am forever grateful.

The room we first stayed in here for a week was fabulous.Its the Comfort Inn here in Oroville.
We kind of lucked out.Bbecause we had requested a smoking room the only one available at that time was actually a suite!And we got it for the same price as a regular room.
It had two king size beds, a 25 in TV on a swivel thingie.A picture window and patio door that led out to a nice sized balony with two chairs and a table supplied.
The heater worked and the drapes were not coming out of the wall!
it had an area that had two love seats, a table and chairs, end tables and coffee table, internet connection, two phones, a microwave, fridge, nice sized area to hang clothes, a long low dresser with two huge drawers.
The bath was big by motel standards.Gold towels(not the usual white) and soft and fluffy.A sunlamp (so the room would be heated if you wanted to just take a bath).A supply of anything you'd need for personal grooming(if you forgot to pck anything).A coffemaker with coffee, tea bags,and hot chocolate supplied.
The building had an exercise room (and yes I did use the equipment)and off that was a sauna(no, I didn;t use it but did check it out)and a real nice laundry room.
Every morning a fabulous continental breakfast was available.Hot and cold cereal as well as pastries and muffins.Juices, milk, coffee(different choices), fresh fruit in a bright, sunny, cheeful, comfortable room.
The staff was great and the place is impeccably clean.

We ended up at another place for the duration.The Saturday following our arrival there was a big fishing tournament in town so that room we had was booked.
We have since been at the Best Value Inn in Oroville which isn't as nice as the Comfort Inn but its aslo $30.00 cheaper a night which is a big consideration when you have to stay in a motel a month until your new home is available.

The room we were supposed to be in had a water break problem about an houur before we checked in so they had to put us in a non-smoking room at the time because it was the last room available due to the fishing tournament.
Bob was leaving the next morning back to the Bay area for a retirement party being given in his honor by his friends from work.
We had bought in groceries before we checked in the room so I would have supplies while he was gone.He would be gone 2 days.
After he left I discovered the fridge was not working.Ok thats two strikes.
It was still raining heavy at that time(I think we have seen the sun 4 days since we've been here).
I was not happy going outside to smoke(we know we need to quit but haven't done so yet)and now the fridge doesn't wotk and my food may be spoiled and i don't have a car available to go get new supplies.
I sucked it up though.I've lived through much worse.

The maintenance guy brought me the nicest fridge they had available; bigger than the usual ones with a decent sized little freezer.You could put like 4 TV dinners in it.
So they began to get back in my good graces!

After Bob returned they had a room available to us ready and waiting.They would have helped us move into it if we wanted.
The staff here is so good to us and work really hard to make the guests comfortable.
We are on a first name basis with most everyone now and have adopted them as family!
We are referred to as "the really nice couple in RM 129"!

I found out they recently had an inspection from the chain.Housekeeping scored 499 points out of a possible 500.The owner has never even said thanks, job wel done or anything.He has never acknowleged their hard work at all.One gal has been here 10 years and has never heard a thank you.
Last Sunday we ordered pizza for the whole staff to acknowledge their good work and to let them know we appreciate their service.We had it dropped off at the front desk.
Over the next 2 days each member of the staff sought us out to personally thank us and each mentioned no one has ever done that before.
BTW- the maintance guy moved my special fridge to the new room and made sure everything was working while we moved in.

The girls know I've done this kind of work and I understand how hard it can be.We swap shop stories almost everyday.
I pretty much take care of the room and most days just ask for whatever supplies we need and only have them clean once or twice a week.they are only gien like 20 minutes to clean a complete room including changing sheets and making the bed so they appreciate me not wanting service every day as it gives them a little time extra on the hard rooms.Its unbelievable how some people will leave a room.
I told them if they could just leave me the equipment i'd do it all myself! they aren't allowed to though so when i have them clean I try to make it as easy on them as I can.

I never thought I would miss cooking and cleaning but I do! On the rainy days I have missed making a pot of soup.Microwaving food isn't quite the same although Ii have discovered Stouffer's has a new line of meals reasonably priced and very good.

I have a laundru basket in under the bathroom sink that holds our dirty clothes and a couple baskets on top of the toilet that holds our eveyday toiletries.
The room comes with a fridge, microwave and coffemaker.
the microwave sits on top of the fridge and the coffeemaker is supposed to sit on the microwave.taht wasn't working for me because I am so short and it was hard to pour the water in.
So I have our "kitchen" set up at the fridge/microwave with the sink in the bathroom a few steps away.The paper products sit on top of the microwave.We have an ice chest we use for the large bottles of soad and Bob's wine and that sits next to the fridge on a luggage rack.It also serves as my "island".
Next to it is the hanging clothes area with a shelf over it that we keep our smaller luggage.An iron and ironing board is provided so that area is the clothing hub so to speak.
The TV sits inside a unit that has two large drawers underneath.i use one for my folding clothes and one as my "pantry".
There is a long low dresser next to it and I have set uip the top of it with the coffeemaker on a tray with all the supplies and that is my beverage and hospitality center.
Bob uses one drawer for his folding clothes and the other drawer hold all the odds and ends so we can keep the clutter down.
There are two full beds in the room (whicj is good because he talks in his sleep and thrashes around and i am tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and up and down).At the foot of each bed are two comnfortable easy chairs so we have a sort of sitting area.
In front of the window is a small table and chair set and that is my "office". We have the desktop PC on it .
Bob bought an 18ft line to connect to the internet.So it streches across the room and we can use the PC without having to have it on the nighstand.Most people would have a notebook and sit in the bed to use it.

The internet connection was failing when we first came into this room.We discovered after moving in here the old monitor had died so we got a new one- a flat screen.That is amazing how lightweight and easier to use.I was calling the front desk everyday inquiring about the internet connection; I was told they wer having problems in some of the rooms and they offered to have us move into a diffrent room.By then we just wanted to stay where we were.I would just go the library if I had to.
After the pizza being delivered a couple days later Bob was palying around on the PC just going to try to play a game and when he turned it on Dan was IMing me! What a surprise- we all of a sudden were internet connected.The front desk had said they didn't expect it to be fixed during our stay.
Is it a coincidence? Me thinks not.

So here are. Bob signs the papers on the new house this week and we are moving in April 1st.
We are terribly excited.

We picked out a beutiful sectional sofa set at a local furniture store but it had to be ordred and won't be delivered until about 2 weeks after we move in.They call the color wheat.its a light beige color and the cushioning is plush.It just wraps itself around you yet feels so good on my back.One end has a chaise that Bob has claimed! He says it has his name written on it!
I say its so comfortable you can go from zero to nap in less than 10 minutes!

The sellers offered to us to buy the formal dining set and a few other pieces of furniture.We brought very little furniture with us from the old house.
I will be checking out the resale and thrift stores here and in Chico to purchase whatever else I still need.the other big purchase will be new mattresses.
I'm leaning towards the Tempurpedic or Sleep Number beds.
The tow things I insisted on new were new matress sets and a new couch set.
What he had was 20 yeras old and in deplorable condition and offered no support to our backs.
The rest I can get from resale stores and thats hald the fun-the hunt!

We are leaning towards separate bedrooms because our sleep patterns are so different.
I generally fall asleep watching TV because of the pain keeping me awake.I keep hitting the sleep button on the remote if I haven't fallen asleep before my programmed time.Bob has a hard time falling asleep with the TV on.
He was so used to being alone for 20 years that its real hard for him to adjust to someone else.The majority of my marriage to Paul I slept alone because he worked nights.
The Walters boys are known for their snoring.In fact just Joan( thats what Bob calls her instead of Joan) and I discussed giving Brian and Bob one room and us the other when we stayed at the Best Western.
At this age its all about sleep and less about romance!
We know where to find each other.

Bob is looking forward to the island in the kitchen (because he's always wanted one) and the really neat garage.I am looking forward to the whole place.I will have two sets of bay windows and lots of light in all the rooms for my new houseplant collection I intend to have.The 4 babies I had are not doing so well on Marty's porch.They aren't used to living outside.
I can even have plants in both bathrooms because there is a huge window over the garden tub in the master bath and a skylight in the hall bath!

I am excited to be able to cook with gas again; its propane but its still gas.We laugh because we are avid King of the Hill viewers and I call Bob Hank and I am Peggy.So now we will have propane and propane accessories- how fitting!The garage is detached and we have a corner lot and the garage actually sits around the corner on the other street.Bob has met our next door neighbor ( he went up to play pool with the guys one day at the clubhouse) so I joke that he can stand next to the garage and drink beer with the guys like Hank and the guys do.

I am really blessed;when I think how my life was a little more than a year ago its sort of hard to take it all in.

I will be driving a brand new Ford Escape witin the next couple weeks maybe even later this week or early next week.I have never had a brand new car and Bob is insiting to buy one for me with some of the proceeds from the house.
I would have been perfectly happy with a decent used car.He said everyone should have the chance to drive a brand new car at least once in their life.He had a brand new Corvette in the mid 80's.

We are learning a lot about our new home town.Oroville has a lot of history.Last week downtown they had the annual state Fiddler's competition for 4 days.I know it sounds hokey but actually it was fun.
This is Oroville's centennial year and the Fiddlers 40th year coming here.Normally they play all around outside downtown but because of the rain it was moved inside to the big auditorium downtown where the actual competitions take palce.During the day they just play for fun and in the late afternoons and evening they compete.
Booths are set up from local businesses and organizations.
We met a guy who is heading up a Vietnam Memorial to be built here in town and he writes a weekly column in the local paper each week about the history of veterans from this area.Quite interesting.He included letters written that have been donated from family memebers and news accounts of their wartime experiences.
Bob may join the VFW.He encouraged me to join the Historical Society.
Oroville is very easy to get around.The city provides ample public parking areas conveniently located all around downtown; some even have public restrooms..I laugh at Bob because he isn't used to parrallel parking and the big curbs when we park on the street.To me, its reminiscent of Cincinnati.All around the city you see beautiful and some not so beautiful Victorian ladies(houses); Craftsmen houses, bungalows and I've seen a few what I call a western version of the foursquare.

I can't wait to work in my new yard.There are new things popping up now that it is spring and of course I will add my own plantings.

Another fishing tournament here this weekend so the motel has been busy.Bob hasn't had a chance to try out the fishing but there is supposedly excellent fishing on the Feather River and at Lake Oroville.
The lake is only about 10 minutes from our new house.Supposed to be some good salmon fishing there.

Thats the update for now.This time next week I will have slept on my new bed (that I still have to get) and woke up for the first time in my new home.

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