Friday, March 03, 2006

Moving day!

Tommorow is the big day! Bob and I with the help of family and friends will be loading up the U-haul and moving to Oroville.

We found a new home that has everything we both wanted; Bob gets an island in the kitchen and a garage and I get everything else!
We will have bay windows in the breakfast room and dining room, skylight in the guest bath, master bath has a garden tub(which I haven't figured out how I will get out of once I get in!), separate shower, 2 sinks; large living room with coffered ceiling, lots of windows, fully landscaped including irrigation system.Covered patio and breezeway to garage, corner lot and a large laundry room inside the house.
The area is wooded with views to the mountains.
I feel truly blessed.

We won't be moving into the house until April 2-3rd; the downside of selling in a hot market is our buyer wanted quick possesion but our sellers can't move until then.They are moving into a retirement community and their place won't be ready until then.
Its ironic- we are moving from the Bay area to Oroville to retire; they are moving from retirement in Oroville to the Bay area to be near their family since they are up in years.
The nicest, sweetest couple you could ever hope to meet.
And he kept the house meticulously maintained and she kept the house as neat as a pin.You would think she had a cleaning lady come in every day.
I wish they weren't moving; we would have loved them as neighbors.

Bob and I will be staying at a motel in town during the duration for the most part.We may stay a day here and there in his cousin's camper but we don't see it as a viable option longterm.

I may not be internet connected until after I move into my new home so if you don't hear from me for awhile that is why.
I trust Dan may drop by now and then and leave an update.

I may have some news about a new(to me) product I am expecting delivery on next week.I found this on the fibrohugs site and its supposed to be a revolutionary pain relief method.
I don't want to say too much until Ii've had a chance to try it.
If this works those of us who have suffered with chronic pain may have found our answer.Not a cure but something that gives us temporary relief.
I will report on it later.

So, time for me to go and ride off into the sunset!
Be back soon.

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