Sunday, April 13, 2003

I haven't felt good for a few days. Fibromyalgia symptoms and allergies. If I take all the medicine prescribed I sleep. Guess that removes symptoms.

Keisha fed the dog egg shells yesterday. I guess he is OK. Maybe he needed the calcium! Her teeth are still intact. It looks like it will be a little while till she loses them.

My kids were like 7 when they lost their teeth. It seems that everything happens fast with kids nowadays. I have to wonder after they experience everything sooner what is there to look forward to? I didn't get my first Barbie until I was 13. I wasn't allowed to date or wear makeup until I was 16. Times are different and I go with the flow with a little sadness for young people today.

I shared a bike with 4 other siblings and that lasted us alll through our growing up years. I never had a whole piece of fruit until I was married. Growing up in a large family (9) taught me a lot about sharing and to make my own fun. Now, if it doesn't operate with batteries it seems kids don't know what to do. Oh well.

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