Thursday, April 17, 2003

Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday. Where have 33 years gone?

I am so grateful for him and his family. They have remained a constant in my life.

Keisha is complaining of earache today. Could be allergies or cutting new teeth or an infection. We just don't like to delay her getting to the doctor when she complains because of her hearing problems. When an ear hurts she can't wear her aid in that ear.

At therapy this week there was another patient (client) in the waiting room, who was having a great conversation with someone. He and I were the only 2 people there. Whomever he was talking with was making him laugh. Yesterday, Dan, Jennie and I went to Rooster's for some hot wings. They have quotations al over and one of them said"you are just jealous because I'm the only one hearing the voices!" It reminded me of the guy at Eastway. The therapist said a lot of the clients report that their " voices" are friendly.

The weather has been so pleasant but today calls for rain. I could have told that 2 days ago with my back. My Dad used to say it was hell getting old and I agree in this aspect. I love having the knowledge of life that can only come from living 50 yrs. It can't be taught; only lived.

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