Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Dan and I are at the library. We are next to each other but not at the same table which is good. We would probably get in trouble.
The pooter is still sick. I think it died a slow, painful, horrible death that went undiagnosed for awhile.
By the time it was discovered it was too late to fix it.
I'll be glad when we can use the one at home. I hate this time limit thing and the idea that other people can look over your shoulder and watch what you are doing.

I was contacted by the author of " Forgiving Sam". You may remember I commented on it awhile back. It was the book about a boy who wa kidnapped and abused and it told the effects of that abuse on his life and his recollection of it .
It was very provacative. as someone who lived through abuse as a child I found it to be somewhat unnerving at times yet I wanted to continue to see how she unraveled the story. I felt she did justice to the character. she is now creating two more books that will come out in the future. I let you all know as I know.

Keisha is at the stage where she is learning about friendships. You know the one.
It starts when you are 6 and stops when you are somewhere between 45-50!
By that time you don't care anymore what people think!
She rolls her eyes back and does that " oh well; whatever" thing and thinks she is so sophisticated and all that. And I think she thinks she and the girls at school are the ones who discovered this!! Its kind of funny to watch except she gets into trouble.
I hate to see her get into trouble but Dan and Jennie are really good about discipline and bringing Christianity into play with it.
I did my week with that Christian dating service. Of course some of that wek was during the computer down time. I didn't like that it was regional instead of local.
I live in Ohio and I was given men to contact as far away as Minnesota and Kansas.
The secular ones at least keep it local. It was a higher charge also but that wouldn't have been as much as a concern. Christians will pay for something if they feel they get what thay should, right?
So, I am looking into another one. My quest continues.

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