Friday, August 08, 2003

Hi everybody! I am at the library with not a lot of time to spare. They keep you on a stopwatch here. The computer at home crashed. Pray that it isn't somethingsomething serious as we are without funds to get it fixed or to buy a new one and Dan hasn't saved the info all along on disks as he should have. What can I say;my ADD child with hisADD MOM!
All my single friends will be getting a notice fromChristian it is a Christian dting service I have checked outthis week. It is safe and appeals to the least and most serious Christian and is worlwide.
I do recommend those of you to take a look at it.You have to be single to join although you get a free week to just browse and see what you think.
They don't allow any profanity or such.

On another note Keisha has run the gamut of emotions this week.
She has been grumpy and just delightful.She was so funny and precious Monday. Jennie, she and I went to Dan's new job and she said the prayer before we ate.
" Dear God, Thank you for this food and my Daddy. God, I am so proud of my Daddy and he is so special.In Jesus name I pray. Amen."
How could that not touch the heart of God?

Dan and I have gotten into an Irish kick in our reading. He is reading Angela's Ashes which I read a couple of month's ago. I just got " 'Tis" from the library and also have gotten into some Nora Roberts books based in Ireland. I find meself reeding in the brougue a wee bit ya know!!
I have a bit of the Irish in me and always have had a fascination with the Isle all my life.
I had a friend in Texas who wasfrom there and we were supposed to make a trip back sometime. My friend Orla. She was one of 22 kids. I was able to meet some of them What a hoot. I loved to hear the language and they had English and Scottish friends over all the time. She worked in a lace called " Molly's Pub" owned by an Irishman. So it was authentic including the barbs!

Anyway, got to go. Pray for us and God Bless.

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