Monday, August 18, 2003

Don't have a lot of time today. Dan and I are at the library and they close in about 10 minutes.
Dan finally got full time hours.
Last week he was sharing with me that he was getting discouraged because his hours were being cut and he was witnessing some things that were shall we call " shady".
The hotel had recently hired a new executive chef that was over the bar operations as well. I suggested he might want to share some of his concerns with the chef in confidence. So he did. And, when he went to work last night he had a full week scheduled and the one guy who was one of the shady people wasn't even on the schedule.
Today, while the bar was slow the chef entrusted Dan with some of the administrative work of running the bar.
He is so happy doing this work.
I am happy for him. He was able to choose this work for himself based on his own personality and needs and not based on what someone else thought he should do.
I always told my kids I didn't care if they were a ditch digger or a garbage collector, be the best you can be and be happy at it.
So that is about it for today.
By the way, I'm happy and proud of you son!

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