Friday, August 01, 2003

I made a mistake in the previous post. That is why I stopped. I needed to look something up before I went on. I don't have human pappillomavirus; that is one of the things they checked for. I forget what the other two things are.
Good news is the doc just spent a month in rheumatology rotation and is going to be in dermatatology rotation for August.
I thought Rheumatology was August. I have some moles that need to be looked at so she will come in handy for that too.
She also is going to start prescribing my pschychiatric meds.
She is a cool doc. She takes her time and doesn't mind if you ask questions. She encourages the patient to be part of the health care team.
And, if she isn't confident about something she will go get another doc to come in and give an opinion.
I feel very secure with her.
If she recommends something I feel I can trust her judgement that it is necessary and she can trust me that I do not ask for narcotics or am a cry baby.
Its nice to have that kind of working relationship with a doctor.

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