Monday, September 08, 2003

I just finished another book that I thought was very funny.
The name of it is The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch by Marsha Moyer.
She is a Texas writer and this is her first book. Even the spelling of Marsha is kinda Texan.
Having lived in East Texas for 22 years I could identify with this character and some of her escapades.
Basically, the main character suddenly becomes a widow at 33 years old having been a farmer's wife for 14 years. She moves back home and within a short time " circumstances " have her meeting up with a cowboy/ singer/handyman who changes her life.
There are some really funny moments like in Chapter 8 where she and this character have a conversation about " Jesus, the middle years ".
If you have any kind of sense of humor you will find this part so funny. There are so many other moments too.
I look forward to reading any other books she will produce in the future.
I could picture this as a Lifetime movie with Leslie Anne Warren cast as Lucy.
Or in the old days it would have been Dolly Parton and Burt reynolds.

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