Sunday, September 07, 2003

There won't be a lot today. My back is still not feeling too good.
Today is my oldest niece's birthday. I was 9 years old when she was born. She was a cutie. She was way overdue as were all my sister's kids.
After she came home from the hospital my brother-in-law wanted to go fishing and my sister went with him and I babysat. They lived about 8 blocks from my Mom's house.
I remember changing Laura's diaper and realizing she was peeling all over and thinking she was dying. I panicked and grabbed her up and ran across the street through some woods and through a park to my Mom's house screaming " I've killed her".
That's when my Mom somewhat explained about overdue babies peeling.
I thought for sure I had killed that baby. I wouldn't let her out of my sight. I still picture it plain as can be.
Back then one didn't use the word " pregnant". Patsy was always "expecting " something. Every year she was expecting.
It wasn't until I was having Dan that I finally figured out what it was she was expecting all those years.
She had 7 kids in I think it was 9-10 years. She eventually had the 8th when she was 40. My sister has always been a little eccentric but I love her dearly all the same.
When I saw her this summer I was surprised at good she looked. I never knew her to look so slim. She and I look similar so maybe there is hope for me when I get into my 60's!!
She has done remarkably well with her life and it wasn't easy. She had a lot of hardships along the way; the main one being an alcoholic, abusivise husband.
When I read Angela's Ashes I thought a lot of my sister and her life. It wasn't exactly the same but similar in a lot of degrees.
She really suffered in many ways.
She would probably think it amazing that I look up to her but I do.

Jennie passed her STNA exam this past week. We are very proud of her. By the way it stands for State Tested Nursing Assistant.
She got a 92. She finished it in half the alloted time.

I heard from my youngest daughter this past week. Those of you who wonder if prayer works don't ever doubt it.
I have waited a year to hear anything from her.
She says we will never be what we once were but as an adult she wants to move on.
Glory to God.
I would send her E-mails and E-cards frequently and let her know I was thinking of her.
Now, I pray for her salvation. That is the true gift.
She is such a joy. I wish all of you could see her smile. She was born with it.
So, never give up.

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