Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the bug

havent been on in a couple days. I have a bug I can"t seem to shake easily.
The chat group I'm in has alot going around in it too. Now I know we didn't catch it from each other so how did I get it?
some local news y'all have probably heard- Barry Bonds will be out for longer than expected.Word is he had an infection in his knee but the newscaster said on his website he has no infection. So who ya gonna believe?
A local man from Alamo here in the Bay area was abducted and is being held hostage in Iraq.He ias an Austalian citizen but has lived here for many years. Our prayers are with the family and negotiaters.
Ana Ayala was arrested for the finger incident and is in jail in San Jose.
Y'all can start eating the chili again; she's off the streets!
She is a work of art let me tell you.Is somebody missing an ace from their deck?
How did she think she was gonna pull that off?
There is a trial going on in Danville. A nanny " allegedly" hit and killed 2 kids last fall while " allegedly" driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. I have to say allegedly because she fled the scene and by the time they found her 2 days later she had no drugs or alcohol in her system
She has prior history of going to work and being fired for being drunk and stealing pain meds from the parents of former charges in her care.
I know we all are due a fair trial but come on.
These kids were walking and bicycyling with their mother and a couple family friends to go get an ice cream cone on a Sunday afternoon.
She ( the alleged perpetrator) was seen driving erratic right before the crash and speeding. You draw your own conclusion.
And last but not least, never least we now have the defense part of the Michael Jackson trial to look forward too.
Isn't that special?


Dan said...

It sounds like you have a lot going on out there.

About the bug... do you think it could be a computer virus?

anniebee said...

Hi Margaret. Hope you feel better soon and have a good weekend. *Hugs*