Friday, May 06, 2005

what a crying shame

I just read a story online about a junior in high school suspended for talking to his Mom, a sodier in Iraq.
Apparently, she called him on his cell phone while he was in the cafeteria at lunch. The article stated that althought the students are permitted to have cell phones at shool they are not permitted to use them. Huh?
I realize this was an infraction of policy but after all it was HIS mother and she was serving in Iraq.
Hello school system. Earth to the administrators.
Has someone not told them that Iraq is many hours ahead of us? Has someone not had an in service to instruct our school employees the effect it has on a child when their parent is overseas much less serving in a volatile battleground?
And if that someone is your mother, the one who brought you into this world it probably means you are attached to her even if you cant be with her.
Has there not been instruction through counselors and other mental health personnel to assist these children through this traumatic time in their life?
Maybe this was the only time in days or weeks this mother had to contact her son. Maybe it could be she was going into a fight and was afraid she wouldn't make it.
Maybe it could have been her last call to anyone.
I think an exception should have made in this case or any case like it.
Isn't high school supposed to teach you to be part of the bigger world after you graduate? And that although there has to be rules we all have to follow there isn't always balck and white.
They said in the article that he became belligerent and cursed when taken to the office. Duh?
I'm surprised thats all he did.
I say kudos for him to take that call. His Mom will hopefully be around long after he is out of school and the lesson that the people in your life are more important than the words in a book is invaluable.
I think the administrators should be suspended and forced to take sensitivity lessons. Anyone want to bet thats gonna happen?


Karen said...

That is really sad... :-(

Hope you're feeling better!! *HUGS*

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