Thursday, May 12, 2005


Bob carpooled yesterday so I used the truck to venture out to my local Safeway.
I had this creepy feeling the old neighbor was in the next aisle watching me. She only moved about 5 minutes away.
If any of you have followed me from the begining with this blog you will remember my adventures from the days of going to the mental health clinic in Dayton.
She would give some of those people the creeps.
She is about 4ft 10in and has no teeth.
She wants to be called Dusty but I call her Dot as her name is Dorothy.
She doesn't know that I call her that; its a joke between me and Bob from the Tx days. She would come over and annoy him before I got here.
I said she had the hots for him and started calling her " Dot". It stuck and a couple of times he accidentally has called her that to her face. Kind of funny.
She wanted us to help her move but gosh wewere always busy.
She dresses interstingly and I have found clothes in the garage she had put there for me. She wanted to share. As nice as that is our styles are not the same.
She lives in a house that I guess is like a halfway place for drug offenders.
It is supposed to be drug free.
She disclosed to me that Margaret, her house mother,( not me) didn't know she had a stash of hash.
She is also wanted in another county for embezellment. So you can get the picture that I really wanted to keep my distance.
She asked me one day if I would like an item for the kitchen that she was going to be getting rid of. I told her I probably didn't need it. She said she would get it shortly. I later discovered she was absconding it from a pile of trash a neighbor around the corner had thrown out!
Please God, can't I have just one normal friend?
I promise; I will be a good steward of the friendship.
Under unrelated news- read an article online this morning that a study was done on 36 people to test the way we react to smell. 3 groups divided into 12 people. One group was homeosexual; one heterosexual female and one heterosexual male.
It appears we women are not turned on by the smell of other females if we are straight; males are not turned on by other males if they are straight; males were turned on by the smell of other males if they were gay but not turned on by female smells; lesbians were not turned on by gay men.
So I don't know what the point of this study was but I wish I could have been a part of this.
I would have loved to say " this stinksand gotten away with it.
I guess maybe there will be a new line of designer frangrances out by the holiday season. Instead of having to know which ear to put your earing in you can identify yourself by your odor!
And, the catchy thing about that is you won't be hit upon by anyone who isn't of your persuasion.
I'm excited about this new development.
But what do you do if someone winks and its obvious they aren't who you would be looking for?
I guess I could just explain I'm a Virgo and that should take care of it!
Any Scorpios could have a problem because we know what they say about Scorpios!
And to all who know how computer savvy I'm not it only took me 71/2 hours yesterday to determine that microsoft did not recognize my modem.
I thought whats up with this? Its the same one I had from the begining. It didn't get a new hairstyle or color or change makeup for the spring. Whats up with that?
Someday, by the time my granddaughters grow up I may have mastered this thing.

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Karen said...

OMG! She sounds like a trip! Sharing clothes?! I think I'd be nervous as hell though, with her following and watching you. Be careful!! *HUGS*