Saturday, May 21, 2005

yesterday I meant to post the address on the subject of the soldiers and other military.
I wanted to comment also the only service not represented is the U.S. Coast Guard for obvious reasons.
If you do got to this site at the end of the list are names that when called up say this person has not been heard from in more than 50 days. That is somewhat disturbing isn't it?
Why haven't they been heard from? Is it that no one responded to their request and they gave up or that they are engaged in battle that is so remote they can't get mail or is it that they are no longer with us.
Seeing that made this all the more real to me.
With each name you will find a short comment left about who the person is and if possible to tell you somewhat where they are. They will describe their living conditions ( some are reasonably pleasant- some are not).
Each of these people is a contact person for a group of others. I read one posting that the guy was begging for letters as some have no mail coming from home.
Some leave a fairly wordy post some don't.
I read one post that a group received fake dog tags that said " my parent is serving in Iraq'. He said it was a big hit with the Mom's especially to send back to their children.
One posting had a comment life by the service person's wife thanking America for their support and what it meant to them as families.
I encourage you to check out the site.

Here is a something I read today- if you can't say something nice at least be kind.

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