Friday, May 27, 2005

Letters to Iraq

I was looking through some blogger stuff and found this blog. Its from a woman whose husband is in Iraq.
Quite an interesting blog.
Linked to hers is his.
The Memorial Day holiday is upon us and I hope we all take at least a moment to remember the veterans and other military serving right now and those in the past.
If you know a military family it would be nice to perform a random act of kindness.
Like this woman many Moms and dads are out there holding the fort down in the everyday mundane things of running a household and raising a family.

Unrelated but I have been fighting a bug off and on for a couple of weeks. It could be another fibroflareup. I'm really not sure.
I am begining to hurt differently than I ever have. Its more intense now. Bless Bob's heart he does all he can to make life easy for me. I am so blessed he is in my life now.

A lot of you will be out and about this weekend. I just want to encourage everyone to act responsibly. Even if you don't drink and drive remember there are others that will.
many areas have had an unusual amount of rainfall this year and lakes and streams will be running. Please use lifejackets when in and near water.
Practice fire safety while camping and using the grill.
Keep an eye on your children.
hope to see everyone back next week.

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