Wednesday, May 11, 2005

a little of this and that

In the chat groups I belong to we have had high drama this past week.
You know for us bored housewives this is big stuff!
There is a woman who at the lest is unbalanced and at best is sinister and has created all kinds of drama.
She will not leave me and a few others alone. I have had to report her to the people that have the site. They are investigating her. Yesterday, a favorite group disbanded because it all got out of hand.
This woman has come into the groups under 7 different handles in the past month.
Why do these kind of people flock to me?
The only " friend" I've made here in California so far was a woman who just moved this past weekend ( ! ).
She also has issues. She came up to me recently as I was working in the yard and had a kleenes with something in it wanting me to examine it. I told her I'd really much rather not. She insisted and I knew she wouldn't go away if I didn't comply.
Well. what I saw looked like a tiny scab with a few hair foolicles in it. No, no, no. It was an organism that had infected her and she could feel it moving around in her head.
I then was shown her scalp where said creature was trying to hide.
All I could see was a hole in her scalp where she had been digging and told her so.
Stupid, stupid me. I don't know anything.
Then she left or so I thought.
She returned after a minute with a magnifying glass and said microscopic invader so I could get a closeup view. Now it really looked like a scab with hair hanging out of it. I suggested if she was that concerned she maybe should get an appointment with the doc quickly ( as in now) to have him/her investigate this.
She informed she had been to the doc and to the ER on this very matter and they told her she was basically nuts. How dare they?
I then struggled for the next 30 minutes to find a way to escape her.
At one point I told her I thought I heard the phone ringing. She followed me into the garage and I had to stop her at the door to the inside.
I got my cell phone and quickly sent a text message to Bob- help me. She's here.
I have to explain that is a code word Bob and I use to let each other know if something is wrong or we don't feel well. I will explain the origin in a minute.
Bless his heart, he did fire off a response back that helped me escape.
It got to the point I was afraid to go outside. She would sit in her doorway waiting to see the garage door open. If it was opened and you didn't go out right away you would find her waiting in the garage.
Her claim to fame according to her is she is an ex-roadie of the Eagles and she wrote songs for them but was never paid.
I also found out a recent mission of mercy to take her to the store to pick up a prescription she is also quite fond of Suda-fed. Not the generic but the name brand. She bought every box they had. She also wanted a 2 liter of Coke but settled for a 5 gal container, 2 half gallons and a box of ice cream instead.
Hopefully. I've seen the last of her but why do I still have this fear when I open the garage door she is going to be right there?
She left us a parting gift. I found some tacky artificial greenery in my beds yesterday.
Now for stelwah.
One day Bob and I were watching an interview with Robin Williams; Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo channel.
A comment he made was that he felt anyone with the right lines could deliver. he stated that even Elmer Fudd could have delivered the famous line from Streetcar named Desire-" Stellwah"!( in that voice).
It was hysterically funny.
Since then we have used it to say we are having trouble or not well.
Changing subjects- saw in my local paper yesterday that the ONION is going to get a San Fransisco- Bay area edition.
They are the group that puts out the satirical headlines that some people don't have the sense to know is a spoof.
One headline recently was Vatican is more opulent than Heaven reports dissapointed Pope. They have an online version I need to add to my favorites list.
Repoted in my online version of the Houston Chronicle yesterday was the return of the .
For those that don't know they are little gnat like creatures that come from somewhere myseriously every spring and fall to that region in the south. They live about 56 hrs. Teir entire existence is to copulate in mid-air and drink nectar and die.And you thought you had it rough!
They swarm by the hundreds if not thousands and are everywhere. They get all over your windshield or in the grille of your car and are really a nuisance.
So some of them don't even get to live the full 56 hrs.
I don't miss that part of living in TX.
spring has arrived here in Northern california. Everything is blooming and of course we are sneezing.
Its beautiful and I am learning about flowers I've never seen as well as enjoying the old favorites I recognize.
Bob went fidshing last week and caught a couple rainbow trout and I cooked them that night and used lemons from our own tree.
That was kinda neat for me. He said in 20 years of being here he had never picked lemons from the tree. He thinks I am so creative! ( sshhhh)
We continue to enjoy each other immensely and everyday we find something hysterically funny to us. And isn't that what its all about? it doesn't matter if anyone else finds it funny as long as we do.
He really is a special guy.
And guess what he has even been throwing away things here in the past couple of weeks. He bribes the trashman every week with a little cash to take it away!
Yep the mailman and the trashman have a silent pact! Whatever it takes. At this rate this time next year this place may be dejunked!
We haven't made it to the 8track player yet but we are getting there.
So there is the update on me the last few days.
for those


Karen said...

I'm so happy for you!!! You both deserve each other (I mean that in a good way! LOL)

I can't believe those two are still at it! Well, at least they're entertaining...


anniebee said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you and Bob - apart from the neighbours! Have a good weekend. *Hugs*