Tuesday, May 17, 2005

SSD news

received a letter yesterday from the attorney's office handling my case. It seems now they don't think I have a strong enough case with the medical files I presently have.
Since I had to rely on government issued medical care instead of through a private network as I had when I was able to work the care has been could we say a little substandard.
The last place in Texas even limited you to only 3 prescriptions a calendar month which you paid $7.50 each.
So each month I would have to choose between treating the depression and bipolar or the fibromyalgia.
The attorney has set it up with a doctor out here for me to see who will give me a complete workup and detailed report to be submitted to Social Security.
The problem is he is over 2 1/2 hrs away and it will cost me $600.00 out of pocket.
I felt so defeated.
Bob said not to worry he would gladly pay for it but it isn't the point.
When someone has waited as long as I have and fought for everything it just one more hurdle.
My hearing is June 30th in Oakland so this has to be done soon.
That means I have to hope I can get an appointment on one of Bob's off days or he has to juggle getting off as he has already had to do to be off for the hearing.
I have to get a money order ( no checks) and send to the attorney before the appointment can be made.
That means we have to wait until next week on Bob's off day to go to the bank and transfer the funds. He doesn't just happen to have $600.00 laying around here.
I know this is minor to what some go through but it is so irritating.
And still no guarantee the judge will grant me the SSD.
You would think I am asking for an exorbitant amount of money.
This whole experience has been an eye opener as to how the system works.
It is a shame that people who are already in an unfair position have to be put through this kind of ordeal. In my case it has been over 3 yrs now.
I've met people who have lost their homes as well as all of us who have had our dignity compromised by the system.
The majority of us would give about anything to be able to work and be productive members of society again.
Believe me, if I am given the chance to voice an opinion at that hearing I will have an earful for whomever may listen.

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anniebee said...

I sympathize a lot. It took me three attempts to get my disability benefits. Have a good weekend. *Hugs*