Tuesday, April 19, 2005

About what?

Bob is off for a few days; like vacation days. We have had just a couple days of laying around and putzing in the house.
He was asked yesterday to find info on his late father to do research to have his name put on thee World War11 memorial.
This meant he had to go digging in his files. What an interesting day it turned out to be.
He had photocopies of Giants and 49er's tickets; pictures of he and his daughter when she was very young ( aw!); old receipts and bills; an old wallet that had a picture of him when he must have been about 10 ( handsome);lots of old junk like a splicer for old cassette tapes that were damaged, adding machine tape ( no longer has the adding machine); office supplies and cards that were never sent.It goes on.
I found a few things I can send to my granddaughter.
Oh yeah, we did find the info he was looking for!
We got a second wind late and were up way past our ususal bedtime. I was on the pc and right about the time I was to close off I got twoIM"s from people I didn't know. I am new to this stuff. Those who know me know on the information highway I am still on the feeder road!
I was having a fit trying to keep up with the two conversations but managed.
We went to bed and decided to browse TV to see something that would be inane and calm us down to go to sleep.
See, sometimes we get certaoin channels and sometimes we don't. We need a new converter box.
As we are browsing we come upon this commercial with little kids talking and one little boy says, " I think washing hands is stupid". It was the right thing at the right moment. We started thinking of other things that were " stupid".
Then he browses some more and we come upon a channel that no lie is offering a 2 tape set of ---"POPE FICTION.
Honest to God. It just struck as so funny.
But wait, - if you order in the next 15 minutes we will throw in some ash from the burning papers to elect the new Pope.
We also watched that show Unwrapped again the night before and last night. I now have seen a minature dessert expert, a small candy expert.A bbq expert, a sandwich expert.And a frozen confection expert.
Don't confuse these experts with specialists or makers. Please, don't let yourself be confused.
I am trying to provide an important service to all of you and help you know the difference.
It appears that if you make these things or serve these things you are a specialist. If you work in the front office ( I think its in the PR department) you are the expert.
I am staying on top of this to give y'all the most updated info I can find.
Some of you are doing other things and don't have the time I have to perform this useful task.
I always wondered what my purpose in life was and I think I've found it.
So any young people out there that don't know the direction they are supposed to take in life let me be your guide. Just do all kinds of nothing and someday it will come in handy and be useful to someone!
Who would have thought?
And my Mom wanted me to be a nun, can you imagine?

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Karen said...

ROFL!!! You... a nun? Neither you or I would have made good nuns. In the heart part yea, but not the other. ;-) We're too wicked with our sense of humors.