Wednesday, April 13, 2005

update to iworkwithFools

I don't know the url. Just search for and you will find it. There are even links to other sites that are associated like bosses and customers.

If you want another laugh go to Karen's site MY Life and read all the particulars about " The Work Poop". I don't know where she finds the stuff she does but we have already determined that if she and I could hook up the world would not be a safe place to be!

Can you imagine if we worked together? She is the brains and I have the guts and we both have the demented sense of humor. And if Dan were around, well.... One thing I'd guarantee there would be almost no absenteeism because you'd want to show up tomorrow to see what else we'd do.

If you can't laugh then life isn't worth living. And, Karen and I will both say what the rest of you want to say but can't. I think we should start a paypal program for her to keep a pantyhose fund afloat!!


Karen said...

Maggie - you really crack me up!! The fund would really come in handy, but maybe I ought to start a blog about interesting places I get holes in them. LMFAO!


Karen said...

Me again.... I'm SO glad you're back blogging... I've missed you so!

Margaret said...

Karen- is the world ready for that information?!Oh, go ahead!

anniebee said...

It's so nice to see you back Margaret! I'm back now too at and you already have my email. Take care and have a good weekend. Love, Annie xxx