Monday, April 04, 2005

chat room mania

Back when I got my first cell phone last year there was a link I found called UPOC. Its communities of chat rooms. And there are every kind imagineable. Hundreds. Some with very general chat and some are very specific- adult oriented.
It was a lot of fun for me in my spare time to join a few of the general chat rooms and converse with people all over the country.
Having a pc again allows me to access UPOC again. I have had ablast just " talking " to regular everyday people like me through the day just like we have learned to do over the internet.
Its my diversion through the day.
It seems everyone knows of chat rooms and they kind of have a bad reputation because of all the adult oriented sites. and if that is what someone is looking for that's great. This is America and we have that freedom of choice.
I'm impressed with the fact that there are clean, fun sites for people to go into and joke around and have a good time for however long they choose to stay.
Its like anything else. You have to investigate and inform yourself.
I'm not necessarily promoting this as much as stating a fact I didn't know about until I happened upon it and checked it out.
It appears people in some of these groups develop an affection towards each other much as a family.
Everyone gets to know each other's personality and idiosynchoncies.
There is one I was invited to join today that we had the best fun just being silly.
A few bored older women and not taking anything too serious. Sounds like good medicine to me.
Some people, me included, belong to similar groups.
So you get to follow each other into the different groups and each group kind of has its own niche.
just thought I'd pass it along. And, to let you know not all chat rooms are explicitly adult themed material.

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