Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Elton John wedding!

Just read online that Elton John is going to be " married" in mid-December.
Now you know I have to comment on that news!
So will there be a bride and groom or two grooms? I know Elton has a penchant for the outrageous costumes but I really don't see him in a Vera Wang, do you?
Now he could follow what I'm learning to be a British tradition about the HATS. I even think he has the potential to give the new queen ( we all know she isn't going to give up those benifits) a run for the money on headwear.
I can see the guest list forming.
I wonder if we will have our regularly scheduled programming interupted for this event.
After all, he like a head a state or something now; remember he is Sir Elton John.
I wish him the best. My opinion on gay marriage is everyone should have the right to be happy and fullfilled and if it means having domestic untranquility like the rest of us, so be it!
Why should gay people be spared of the everyday mundane stuff the rest of us have to put with?
Things like picking up dirty underwear off the floor, closing a cabinet door so you don't hit your head, deciding where you will eat out.
I guess the issue of whether the toilet seat is up or down isn't a problem in these unions. Thats a plus. How many marriages are put in jeopardy over that issue?
Yes, I think they should have the right to all the pitfalls a hetersexual couple face. That's equality folks.

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Karen said...

Yeah, I could see Elton picking up dirty undies... probably has a special servant for that! LOL!