Thursday, April 21, 2005

Michael Jackson

I was reading my local paper this morning and there was a piece about all the outfits or " uniforms " Michael has worn to his trial thus far. Really, do you care? Look in my eyes and see if you find any "give a shits".
I think he is guilty of something beyond being a fruitcake. I think he has used his performing ability to try to fool anyone who will buy into it.
Do I think Hallmark is going to market a card for the victim's mother this Mother's Day? No and that isn't the point.
As happens too many times in sexual abuse cases the blame is put back onto the victim.
I know someone is presumed innocent until found guilty.But I make my own presumptions in these cases. And I don't always believe the alleged victim is telling the truth.
If you are a survivor you know all the nuances to look for. We don't even realize we do it but its been trained into us.
I hope he gets a fair trial and then we have to endure the years of appeals which, to me, is society getting screwed over as well as the victim.
Maybe he had things happen to him from his past. Well, so did I and I didn't grow up to be a sex offender.
I have yet to encounter in my 50 plus years of being on this earth a rehabilitated sex offender.
The recent cases in Florida are an example. All the perpetrators were on " probation".
No, they were let out to prey upon innocent people going about their lives as they were meant to do.
The families of these victims have to endure untold grief the rest of their lives and will suffer in ways that are unimagineable.
They were animals let out to look for their their next feeding as far as I see it.
Sex offenders, especially those of children, are the lowest of the low.
When will society say enough is enough and put these people away for the rest of their lives?
Open up Alcatraz and put them all out there to prey upon each other if anyone of them had the guts. They would be able to feed upon their own kind.
I heard last week Michael is having financial diffuculties. Oh poor baby.
Well Michael here is is a piece of advice. If you are able to weasel out of this I don't think you will ever be the star you once were.
And for those who would still want to support his habit here's a clue when you look for his schedule of next performance dates. Look in Branson MO. Or maybe not. Although its a place has been stars do go to when their career fizzles it is a place that does have a moral purpitude. They wouldn't put up with it like you got away with it in Neverneverland.

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Karen said...

I really really really really could care less. I'm so sick of him - he needs to be locked up in a padded Neverland somewhere away from everyone.

Great post!!