Saturday, April 09, 2005

Charmilla update

Just caught a bit of the news and of course the top story was the Charmilla wedding.
What is up with those hats? The one she wore outside in the wind looks like porcupine quills taken from the animal at full fright and entwined with pussy willows.
I am no fashion maven by any means. Presently I am sitting here with my old jammies, socks and slippers that are literally falling apart and my hair isn't brushed yet. But, and here is the clue- I am not going to photographed on international TV.
They said she had it fashioned after a piece of jewelry that had belonged to her Mum.
Awh shucks. It may have been a nice piece of jewelry but it made a lousy hat. Diana could have pulled it off but not regular looking people like me and Camilla.
Who talks to her? Doesn't she have a trusted friend who would say, " that hat looks like a dead porcupine holding young pussy willows"?
Camilla, I will be that friend.
They say she is an exceptionally nice person with a fun personality. Wouldn't you like to see that from her?
And don't act like you don't care because we all know that we are watching this story. It beats the Michael Jackson trial.
I wonder if Charles is wearing the cufflinks Camilla gave him that he wore to his first wedding? It would be a nice tradition to start don't you think?
And again the knockoffs may not be far behind. Look in the Sunday coupon section in about 6 weeks for your order form. I'm sure supplies will be limited so get your order in quick.

And, look for them to be on Dr. Phil within the year asking for advice on the blended family.
I guess she could now be seen at events wearing the T-shirt that proclaims BONUS MOM.
She has probably been in the role for awhile but can now proudly proclaim her place in the family unit.
Did you see the guests whisked off by shuttle bus from the religious ceremony to the reception? What a hoot. There was Princess Anne boarding the bus as well as the Princes Will and Harry.
I wonder how long it took Harry to break out with 99 bottles of beer on the wall!
You know he would have been the one to do it.
And so it goes. You know the world should be grateful to them for giving us the respite of this saga. There has been so much sadness reported its nice to have the royals to pick on again.
In fairness, they must love each other because they withstood the test of time.
So, I give them congratulations.
And I hope they don't change now that they are married.
I wonder how long it will be before they become like any other married couple. You know the hearing loss that comes with marriage. She can't understand him in the first 3 words he says because he mumbles and he tunes her out when he hears her voice. She could be saying the house is on fire and he wouldn't hear it.
Wonder if he puts the toilet seat down or changes the roll when its empty.
Maybe if you are a royal you have someone do that for you.
Will they fight over closet space or whose turn it is to call Mum?
I'm depending on the media to keep me informed.

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Karen said...

We so need YOU on the sidelines of that wedding, reporting it with your commentary! I'd sure watch that.

Hats are very Brittish, and the uglier, the better. LOL!

Thanks for the laughs!