Thursday, April 14, 2005

In Remembrance

I receive an e-mail version of the Houston Chronicle to keep up with what is happening in my old hometown.
Recently, a family friend was killed tragically in a car accident back in Houston. In browsing the death notices I found the link to read Adam's obituary. That prompted me to start checking as I am at the age that friends of those 25 years will be passing.
I discovered a link I think is worth noting. Its called . It is a site that memorializes our fallen soldiers. Often, I've heard people say I wish there were something I could do.
You can sign the guest book and leave a comment.
It may seem like a small thing but I can imagine to those left behind it isn't a small thing.
My youngest is in the Navy serving on the John F. Kennedy. He recently served a stint in the Persian Gulf and in fact was on ground in country in Fallujah during all the trouble in early December. His return home was delayed because of the conflict. He made it back. To God I am eternally grateful.
As a mother I can't tell you the anguish thinking you may lose your child.
As a mother I can't even comprehend the loss those that have lost go through.
But I do know in a small way that there would be comfort in knowing his service to yours and my freedoms were appreciated and had value.
It will take awhile to go through the entire list because it is a long list but I personally intend to leave a comment for each one who gave their life.
It is a small thing compared to what they did for me.
Regardless your opinion on the war don't forget the messengers who laid down the ultimate so you have even the choice to ignore this entry and go on about your business.
I grew up during the Vietnam era and will forever recall the servicemen coming home to ridicule and blame. Society blamed the messengers instead of the message.
Thise men are scarred even still today.
Unfortunately, it doesn't appear there will be an end to the need for the guest book anytime soon.


Karen said...

I'm so glad your son has returned. I feel so sad for all that we've lost in war and who will never come home to their families. They are truly heroes, just tragic they had to die. Such a waste of humanity and life.


Margaret said...

karen I so agree with you. It is a tragic waste of our youth. Every one lost is rippled throughout society and we are all deprived of something because of it.