Sunday, April 10, 2005

My sister,Mary

I received an e-mail a few days ago from my sister telling me she has been nominated for the Florence Nightingale Award for the City of Cincinnati.
I am so proud of her. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life but that has enabled her to have compassion and empathy for her clients. That's what makes her a nurse.
I don't know her official title in the jb she has now but she is a liason in the community to assist people who are disadvantaged to receive the help they need in various areas.
She could have chosen a more lucrative facet to her career.
She has always been a compassionate person. She and I remain the closest between our 9 siblings. She and I are misunderstood by the rest.
We share more than DNA. We share the inherent ability to feel for others and therefore have been taken advantage of by others over our lives. I cannot disclose some of her adversities because that wouldbetray confidentiality but we have shared similar experiences in our growing up time.
I like to think we are the sounding board for each other.
Sometimes we will ask each other if " normal " people would think or feel what we do.
She was the one who didn't get in trouble growing up. she was the " good" one and I think sometimes has been resented by the others.
She obtained her nursing degree during the lengthy illness of our mother and her eventual death. She had been awarded a scholarship because my mother worked for the hospital but she earned her degree.
one of the things that will give you an impression of her is she chose 2 years ago to adopt a special needs child who was 5 years old at the time. My sister was approaching 50 years old herself. Her only other child was 19 and graduated high school. Not many would choose to do what she did. And there were many challenges facing she and my brother in law to adopt this child.
It hasn't been easy but I think she would tell you it has been worth it.
She has been working on a project for about 5 years now to coordinate all the potential resources available to people in crisis in any form in Cincinnati.
It looks like it may be coming together.
I think her model has the potential to be followed across the country.
She amazes me. She has a good heart and mind. She is courageous. She is faithful to her beliefs.
She is loyal. She is loving. And, best of all she is MY sister.
I love you lots, Mary.


Karen said...

She sounds amazing... just like her sister Maggie. ;-) *HUGS*

Mary said...

Thaks, Marge,
I am humbled that God chooses to use me in this way for His purposes. My Community Health Worker idea, isn't unique, it is being done all over the country and the world. It just isn't being done in Cincinnati. (remember Mark Twain's comments about Cincinnati!)
Thanks for your love and support.