Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Bob and i were watching Food Network last night. They have a show called unwrapped that gives the history and other info about a specific food.
Last night they were showing " hot foods". We were cracking up. They interviewed this lady that was a " hot jelly bean expert ". Now, have you ever aspired to become one?
When you were in school and asked what did you want to be when you grew up answer, I think I'd really like to be a hot jelly bean expert.
Then they interviwed a guy who was a " hot salt expert".
Another guy they interviewed was a hot salt specialist. I guess he wasn't as knowledgeable yet as the expert; maybe a specialist is like a journeyman.
We've seen the sandwich experts and the chocolate experts, etc but I was so grateful I didn't miss the interview with the hot jelly bean expert.
Now, what they didn't go into is what made her an expert. I will let you know this. Its not hot peppers that make the jelly bean hot but, cinnamon. Just in case you missed it.
So I concluded that Bob is also an expert. He is a paper expert. That would include paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, legal pads and post it notes but what makes him stand above most anyone else is he is letter carrier. And if anyone knows paper it would be the USPS.
So you may want to tune in to see if he is included in an upcoming episode.
Junk collecting and hoarding are a hobby and he is a specialist in those areas but he is an expert on paper.
Me, I'm an apprentice still at so many things. I haven't really mastered any one thing.
maybe its my adult ADD that prevents me from concentrating on one particular subject. I coould however participate in focus groups on many levels in many areas.
Yes, we like Emeril and Rachel Ray and the Iron Chef America series. And my personal favorite is Paula Deen. But, no show can rival the entertainment of Unwrapped and its slant on uncovering the truth in food.

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Dan said...

I cannot imagine the kind of person whose dream it is to become a "hot jelly bean" expert.

Too funny!