Thursday, April 07, 2005


In my local paper yesterday The Contra Costa Times they had an article about the upcoming nuptials of Charles and Camilla. None of us will admit we are interested yet most of us secretly are, right? The new buzzword is Charmilla in reference to the couple. reminiscent of Bennifer.
We've all heard the jokes. We laugh at them because some of them are down right funny in their own way. And, if you are like me and have that little edge to your humor that leans toward the demented they can be very funny. And, for the record I am the first to laugh at myself so I'm not spared from the sick humor category.
My theory is this. they had to know they were opening themselves up to this sort of stuff. Why didn't they just fly to Las Vegas and everyone could think they had someone who looked like Charles and Camilla but knew it couldn't be. They would have blended in and it wouldn't be any more the spectacle that its turning out to be.
I mean, they even had to deal with the Pope's funeral messing up their plans. Can you imagine all the chaos changing everything from one day to the next?
And they could have lined their pockets some if they would have signed on to make a reality TV show before they announced their engagement.
After the Osbourne's we could handle anything else those Brits throw at us.
I'm serious. Think of the commercial appeal this show could have brought.
Action figures complete with pony's for polo and fox hunting. Appeal to all ages. A knockoff of the ring that used to belong to the Queen Mum. And Charles is probably a little strapped for cash because he bought Diana's ring. He went to the stash in the drawer for Camilla's.
We could have had DVD's from spin offs of particular episodes and we'll miss out on the offers of -- Wait! if you call in the next 5 minutes we'll add....
There could have been a whole line of home improvement products to have your castle look like theirs. Give Marta Stewart a challenge here.
ABC could have gone in and done an Extreme Home Makeover. You know you would have watched it.
Can't you see it Ty and Prince Charles getting it on together? And, then the couple would have been sent on a vacation for a week. Free honeymoon people.
A new line of clothing for the " mature woman".
See, Fergie had it together when she started the thing with Weight Watchers. Charles should have capitalized on this opportunity.
Now, they will be haunted by the papparazi chasing them to learn there every move and goings on. It was a golden opportunity but now they will have to give in to Barbara Walters and do a special.
So watch your rag magazines for more on the Charmilla phenomenon. You won't see it in prime time.


Dan said...

You are such a nut! I know where I get some of my sense of humor from.

Karen said...

ROFL! You crack me up!!!! I get so tired of all the saga, nice to have a good laugh, and can always count on you!